Aftermath of Valentine's Day

I was discussing with a friend this morning about the razzmatazz surrounding yesterday (Vals day) and he told me point blank that he never celebrates Vals day. I could instantly relate with him because I equally never used to celebrate Vals day until i met my wife who insisted that we must remember it, or rather I must remember her on that day.

Even if I tried to escape her, I still had to contend with the fact that my workplace takes Val VERY SERIOUSLY. Yesterday was a not a joking matter as the garden of the office premises was decorated in splashes of red and white; chairs were arranged and decorated...infact at the end of the day, the garden looked like a wedding reception that was decorated in christmas colors (red and white minus green). Then exchange of gifts with a person whom you are forced to pick from a basket containing names at random. There were Val games, comedian's performance, dance games, exchange of gifts...

But as I sat there gisting with my friend, we explored the true history of valentine (who was a saint that actually showed love to the needy and not some chick) and wondered how it got perverted along the way.

A chemist was telling a colleague of mine that yesterday alone, their sale of condoms for the day was what they would have sold in six months!

That should tell us what really went down on Vals day.

Then SLOT, a mobile phone shop was said to have sold out all their blackberry phones yesterday alone!
Yes...its exactly what you're thinking...many ladies got blackberries for Val gifts. My friend even told me that it was now one of the perequisites for getting laid on Vals day. Haba!
The obsession with this smart phone is getting scarier by the its going to be responsible for the end of the world.

Hmmm...I think I may have underestimated how evil the Blackberry can be...

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CFAgbata said...

Haha wow I your workplace does take Valentine's Day seriously! As you said it does look like some kind of wedding reception. And thanks for the info too, I never knew that Valentine's Day was named after a saint that showed loved to the needy, I wonder how it turned out that we celebrate this day with our gf's and bf's? Plus I got to agree with you, smart phone obsession is definitely going off the roof!

Olufunke said...

Very funny!
Valentine stories....
I like your office people o!

2cute4u said...

Okay, Is it wrong for me to say hubby isnt getting his way with me till he s me a Bold2?
BB craze or not, na u sabi.

jhazmyn said...

Lmao, ok, this is really not ur office on vals day right...oh my, i don laff tire.

I'm not really so hung up on vals day but whenever hubby decides to make the day special for me or vice versa, its sure refreshing...:)

Is that really your office?

Hmm o ga oh.

I really like the whole Valentine hype to be honest somehow in the odd 16 or so years that i have been "following" men none has deemed it fit to Val me properly... Hubby inclusive!!! *rolls eyes*