The Crap Scare

Scatological Article!

I’m a finicky when it comes to toilet issues.

Oh yes…and that’s because CRAP scares the hell out of me.

You’re probably wondering how I manage that with two kids who have a lot of that to offer shey?

Oh I do manage! Like, I don’t look at Timi’s crap when I empty her potty into the water closet or I almost close my eyes when it’s my turn and I’m changing A.Y.’s diapers.

Even my own shit scares me.

Anytime I take a dump, I don’t even look at it more than once before I flush it.

But then once in a while you must have grubbed excessively and on the fateful day you decide to visit the convenience you ‘let out’ a monstrousity that would make you wonder how that ‘thing’ managed to come out of you – that’s if you did not spend time groaning and sweating like you were in some prolonged labour.

And then this was the day when you turned the flush lever, the water flushes through…and your naughty shit decides to remain.

For some people (especially when it’s a public convenience) it’s just a matter of getting the hell out of there before someone else who wishes to use the place comes around as you’re just leaving; per chance the person sees the nasty ‘log’ in the closet and easily connects the dots as to who is responsible.

I don’t have the guts to abandon a toilet that’s harbouring a stubborn crap load that was my handiwork. So you can imagine the sheer horror I face when I come to realization that I’ve just offloaded some monster that won’t go down the closet drain – me that hates looking at my own crap!

I also don’t want to forget that there are toilets and there are toilets. Some toilets flush so violently that nothing can survive remaining in that closet, not even if a cell phone dropped in it…(eeww, God forbid bad thing…happened to a colleague once. Thank God it wasn’t flushed), other toilets flush so flimsily that even floating spittle can survive it – that’s what I’d call an ‘Ajebutter’ toilet.

Unfortunately, the toilet I have at home is an ‘Ajebutter’ toilet. I always have to support the flushing with a bucket of water, unlike where I used to live before where I had an ‘Ajepako’ toilet. This was a toilet that even wall geckos and roaches dreaded…even a rat would never survive its unmerciful and violent flushing. Yeah…even I step back, as if I might be caught in its waves and carried away.

I’m not any luckier at work…because the closet attached to my office is an ‘Ajebutter’.

For a while, I did only the ‘minor’ at work. I dared not do the ‘major’ since there was no hope of my ‘output’ going anywhere in the ‘Ajebutter’ closet.

Well…that’s what I decided until nature decided to play a fast one on me.

I can’t remember what I ate that day but my stomach decided to do a royal rumble that was threatening to spill out my butt. Now I’m very good at containing such situations, especially if it had to do with taking a piss but in this case I was physically, mentally and emotionally threatened and had no choice.

In situations like this, the first thing on your mind is where you can rest your thundering butt before it explodes before thinking of whether you can get it flushed or not. Thus I ended up using the office ‘Ajebutter’ toilet. Fortunately for me, it was around closing time and the other two in the office had gone home.

Finally, after two rigorous flushing attempts that involved two bowls of water accompanied by the sluggish flow of the closet’s flushing, the nasty turd finally bade me goodbye and disappeared down the closet’s pipes.

I guess next time I’ll make sure I abide by the boy scout motto; I’ll ‘be prepared’ should in case another royal rumble happens another day.

Yep…that’s me, really finicky about toilet issues!

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HoneyDame said...

LMAO>.>>>Thanks... that made for really good imagery...LMAO. Reminds me of my brother...At some point, no matter what the young man did or ate, flushing always had to be accompanied with stirring with a stick........... I kid you not! LMAO

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Can't stop laughing o!

Enkay said...

Hahaha! Never hear it put that way - 'Ajekpako' or 'Ajebutter'.

The sheer horror of finding your 'load' sitting quietly at the bottom of the toilet after flushing "Ajekpako-ly" several times!!


Enkay said...
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femmelounge said...

lol! there shoud be a name for this, shitphobia i guess. ajepako toilet is the real deal!

Afronuts said...

@honeydame …LMAO! Goodness! Are you for real? A stick ke? I never heard of it that bad oh!

@Emeka Amakeze …LOL! You can relate shey?

@Enkay …Even me myself was surprised when the idea jump enter my head…and its soo true.

@Femmelounge …lol…true dat…there should be a name for it.