When The Unexpected Arrives...Multiple Dilema

I’ve been on deliberate hiatus in this month due to certain happenstances that I’m still yet to recover from.
My mind has been ruminating on thoughts and plans on what to do to get out of a certain logjam that any sane man would so desire for to end so quickly.

What’s my predicament?

It’s the barrage of things happening between the months of April and May.

First I remembered that towards the end of April, A.Y will be celebrating his one year old birthday, then his Mum’s birthday follows the following week.

Skip the following week which is my birthday, the next week is Timi’s birthday, then the following week is my younger brother’s wedding day.

Finally in the week…we bury my dear grandmother who just passed away earlier this month.

Rest in peace Mama!

I know you might say ‘wow…what a barrage of celebrations you have there’ but that’s not the point.

The point is….ol’ boy I have to SPEND MONEY men!

My son deserves a special gift on his birthday…I have been planning to get this special gift for my wife on her birthday; something she so dearly craves to own (never mind, she’s too busy to find out I wrote this on the blog), then I’ve been wanting to get Timi a bicycle because she has been exhibiting ‘symptoms’ of needing one…not to talk of the fact that I need one too to be cycling to work (my office isn’t too far from home and driving isn’t necessary…besides a bicycle to work sounds like fun!) then my brother’s wedding is gonna demand some spending – you know all that ceremony where they extort you out of your hard earned cash because you came with committee of friends to beg the damsel’s hand in marriage for our brother.

But the mother of them all is my grandmother’s burial.

Family members have already annoyingly selected an ‘aso ebi’ which costs an arm and a leg simply because they want to import it from Dubai.

Haa! Shey wetin dey for Sokoto  no dey for sokoto again?

Then it is most likely that when musicians start playing, they will begin to embarrass you by calling out your name so that you can part with hard-earned cash for being praised.

I can’t spell out how much of expense this will squeeze out of me but being the first grandson of the first son doesn’t help at all! In fact, it’s my Dad I feel sorry for the most…because people really know him well being the first son and it is his mother, a very significant woman that’s being laid to rest.

I had ranted to my wife this morning…’Why did Grandma have to die at this time of the month? Why didn’t she wait till around the end of December?’

Wifey had wondered the reason for me preferring December.

‘Because that’s when we get paid the ‘13th month’at work! That’s when ‘pepper go rest and pocket no dey dry!’

I’ll be soo glad when all this is over. I don’t even want to think about it so much except plan for it.

Oh crap…I just remembered that my rent is gonna be due soon!

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Toinlicious said...

Ah, pele. Growing up sucks ba? To be young again with no worries in the world #sigh

seye said...

I can only imagine a bit of what you feel but mehn this ain't easy. I think the consolation in this case should be about knowing that all this will be sorted automatically. They always sort out.
Being the first born aint easy mehn. I can affirm that. I am the first born and my father was too. I know how it feels when it comes to playing family roles.

cheer up bruv.

Pele o. So many responsibilities!

At least the wedding and funeral are one-off events. From next year, you'll have to start planning the family birthdays well in advance. Or have a combined birthday celebration for everyone :)

'Lara said...

These your financial responsibilities na one in town...pele will not even do it...all the best is the right thing to say.

Happy Easter

Afronuts said...

@Toilicious...I wish!

@Seye...True talk bro!

@Tolulope....Thanks...thats comforting sha

@Lara...wetin man go do? I go bear my cross lol