The Floods....Anything for people?

The rains are here again and the floods are manifesting everywhere. But despite the fact that the flooding showers have hit Lagos and a number of other states heavily resulting in all manner of bad news, is there any good side or advantage to it? This is just a thought I was pondering because I sort of noticed that some people happened to have cashed in on the opportunity of the rains to make some change. 

Area boys have seized the opportunity to step in where cars,marwas and okadas have failed. And that is seen in many of these pictures of human ferries littering the internet.

Canoemen can now extend business beyond the Lagos lagoon and waterways in ferrying people.

By the end of the flood the petrol here may not be good
for a car's consumption. This would be good news for a competitor

For those who have always wished to learn swimiming, this may be a big opportunity!

An opportunity not to pay rent anymore as you have experienced
damage to personal property (God forbid!)

Now you can get a view of what living by the sea or lagoon looks like floating refuse and debris.

I hope these ferry guys pay their tithes oh! God has surely buttered their bread.

The floods are also a good excuse to get to work late
as the traffic situation these past few days have pointed out!

Muddy waters...everywhere that is not tarred.

Let's just hope there are no perverts amongst these ferry guys
who have a very dire reason to want to ferry women across.

The Bigger your Canoe, the larger your returns...abi na profit.

Even the death defying danfo and taxi drivers of Lagos have no choice
but to succumb to the power of the ferocious floods

Now you don't stroll to go shopping for wade or swim.
And the flood no stop these folks from opening market.
Nigerians! They never give up!

Even Surulere that looks well planned had cars submerged


Below are pictures from floods of last year which happened
between June to August 2011...meaning the rains have not finished with us
in 2012...we still haveJuly and August rains to contend with!

This particular one happened in Ogun State...see why it's good to rent an upper flat?

I pity the owners of these cars...Gbese!

Where are the canoemen when you need them?

This is a good reason why one should not buy or rent accommodation in any sand-filled location.
In fact this is another good opportunity the rainy season(or should I say flooding season?) offers - the opportunity to search for accommodation that won't flood like this house!

Guess where this is? Ibadan! Even the Naija's most populous city
suffered it heavily last year...remember?

Finally...please don't take me too serious. I was just trying to see
what can be called if there was any advantage in the flooding season!.

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na wa o!

I'll rather pay to ride that canoe that have these professional backers carry me! WTH!!!!
The pictures just remind me of the Tsunami