The 'Nyansh' That Drugs Built

I sat one day in our living room and looked at my wife as my mind torpedoed down memory lane. I remembered when I first met her; she was this smallish slim ever-smiling-girl-next-door IT student attached to the Audio/Visual unit in my workplace.

She did not in the least bit strike me as someone I could get interested in back then as I was already trying to get the attention of another lady...until circumstance threw us together.

Fast forward to present day.

Wifey no longer looks smallish.

She has become this voluptuous damsel with sweet mischievous eyes. Her breasts that used to be funny-looking ‘agbalumo’ size back then had become attractive looking ‘pawpaw’ size today. My favourite is her buttocks – they have become a pair of daredevils that send me into a senseless state when she walks about the room in panties or thongs; they are far bigger and better than what they were in those days! I’m so proud of my matrimonial ASSets…

I have come to understand that while it seems puberty is the major stage where changes happen in humans, it particularly does not stop there for women. Women keep undergoing changes even in their mid to late twenties.

I’ve seen girls in my workplace who have changed over time from when they first joined the company; I saw it in my younger sister before she got married, I saw it again after she got married. It never seems to stop.
My lesson from this is that I should always let nature take its course and things will work out for the better.
The good thing is, the change can go on for the better; like it did to my wife. And it’s natural.

I just simply believe anybody can look GOOD without enhancing their breasts or injecting their hips and butt!

Looking good and investing to look good is not a bad thing. But when you begin to take it to the extreme, I feel it’s a problem.

Today we have many accessories that help enhance our looks – styled clothes, shoes, sunshades, wristwatches, jewelry, hand bands, etc. But then we have the ones taken to the extreme which have become trends; plastic surgery for uplifts of facial parts, breast enhancements, multiple piercing in unimaginable places, tattoos…the list is almost endless.

I’ve always wondered what would make a woman go through all manner of extreme body enhancements just to look good. Is it poor self esteem? Abi na peer pressure?

While I’ve never been able to come to terms with why women want breast enlargement or reduction, I’m way more baffled with the act of injecting one’s ass and hips with enhancement drugs to generate a bigger butt and hips.

I also learnt that injecting these drugs can also kill the recipient. News of such tragedies like that of Claudia Aderotimi, are rife over the internet. Also people who once indulged in it are making it clear that it’s not a good idea.

Claudia Aderotimi

Is such venture worth risking your life for?

Even if research scientists claim that a big butt can save you from diabetes, I don’t think they meant an artificially grown one!

I never knew this thing was real till I came upon information about it. I now know that majority of those risqué pictures of women with unnaturally massive behinds scattered around the internet were not photo-shopped and that a high percentage of those video vixens in dirty rap videos are artificially enhanced.

Artificiality today has become a way of life. It seems and sounds like a trend but I think it has the potential of degenerating into an abomination, especially when it goes to the extreme. I believe most of the times it is powered by low self esteem. After reading Claudia’s story, I could only conclude that this was the case.

In this age of instant fixes, people seem to want everything quickly; it’s a fast food mentality approach to everything. Wanting an instant bigger butt, is no exception.

Unfortunately, nature has a way of getting back at you when you mess with it, ‘cause no matter how much artificial fiasco we put up, we can never duplicate.  

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Awww.. how sweet, the way you described your "matrimonial asset". Thanks for making we unmarried see there is joy in getting married. Bless you sir.

As you have argued, I'd also never come to terms with the artificial enhancements either breastwise or butt. It just doesn't appeal to me; I mean, for what reason? May God salvage this generation from the path of self-destruction it seems to have chosen.


HoneyDame said...

LMAO...Love how you started this post. God bless Madam and her assets

Afronuts said...

@Samuel, yes oh my brother. Many people don't know that marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. I know you go like am. See your head.

Veronoba said...

IF,if only other men could see the little things thatcould make them happy in marriage like u've seen,our nation would be a better place as there would be no cheating,extramarital affairs or wife battering.

Afronuts said...

@Veronoba...very true. A better nation begins with the individual

Kitten said...

It is wonderful to hear a man writes that his wife's weight gain is seen felt, and experienced as beautiful rather than reason to leave the relationship.

Afronuts said...

@Kitten...Seriously...I think people tend to demonise the gaining of weight. Not that I'm supporting becoming obese which is abnormal, but if a woman adds a little meat on the bones its not a bad thing...besides thats would be the dumbest reason to leave a relationship.

Anonymous said...

wow...i have just found an alternative to lindaikeji!...very decent content, God bless ya

Afronuts said...

@Anonymous...Thanks! Please never stop reading!