Only In Naija 5 [Photos]

Shit happens they say.

And in my beloved and insane country Nigeria, we smell shit on a regular basis as it never stops happening. A popular proverb says every disappointment is a blessing and in many cases the proverb fails but also in many cases, it works in Naija. 

In what ways you may ask? In the way we do things as condition and circumstances warrant. No wonder we always say na condition bend crayfish. Its probably only in Naija crazy stuff like the ones in these photos can happen.

You're walking past a junction early in the morning and you see this...
yep, its a sacrifice and its real, not a Nollywood prop.
Many times these things look scary...and delicious
(with the assorted food items placed in there)

You can't cheat nature. This is either sleeping on duty or a case of sleep
catching you in the wrong place abi? Only in Naija...

A whole building rented by 3 different Pentecostal churches...
evangelism go hot for that area. 

If you saw a laptop named after Goodluck Jonathan would you buy it?
Probably not...maybe because it may be as effective as his administration?

Nigerians and burglary-proofing...when family members become the burglars

There must have also been 'attachment' in this plane...
And these folks look like people going to the east.
Ekene Dili Chukwu

Before officials began arresting fake Youth Service Corp members,
this photo must have raised suspicion...
Only in Naija will you see swag and fashion that'll scare

I honestly don't know if this was a joke but at the same
time it does look like an ingenious idea

If you wanna see more weird photos like this,
visit any Lagos marriage registry on Saturdays.
Marriage is big business

Those perverted three have received their reward right there
for helping a Youth Corp damsel in distress.

419 on a USB level. You'll be shocked to discover that
somebody could sell this in computer village.

She should have stuck to just wearing wrapper and blouse.
See as Jeggings dey do amebo about her 'monthly visitation'
and the 'rope' wey she dey call pant.

No matter how much you try to hide the lumps in a plate of
badly prepared Eba, a photo will always give it away.

The Multipurpose bride...getting married and also serving the guests
yeah, it happens in Naija

Now I don't see any ingenuity in this...unless that cockerel is adopted.

The designer of this house/staircase needs to stop playing 'snakes and ladders' and face reality...haba!

While some are paranoid of people seeing their password
or the small change in their accounts, others forget that ATM pavilion
no be their parlour. And why didn't anyone think of the midgets?

In Naija O.Y.O (On your own) is always the case!
If you want for landlord or government to do anything,
you go wait till eternity.

Obsession with selfies...we see your tits. We also smell your shit.

Only in Naija are school kids taken to supermarkets for excursion.

What can you notice about this photo?
Yeah...abokis with swag....the ice prince generation

What they probably never told you about this stupid photo
-- that the grass the girls are lying on dey scratch person like mad for bodi

Is this proof that there are times goats have more sense than human beings?

The love of football has robbed many of their senses
...wetin concern Chelsea FC with your marital life?

The hospital staff must have thought they hired a Caucasian to do this job.

If a guy did this, I wouldn't be surprised. But a babe...???

The ice prince generation again.....swag on the mallo level.

Even Naija children won't let awoof pass them by....

Naija police and traffic wardens are also professional
stuntmen all motivated by the Naira.

Lesson: Never locally 'represent' while eating at a party
taking place in a community that has too many goats.

Car wash apprenticeship graduation ceremony.
You are all invited.

No...this is not a pair of undies discovered at an archaeological dig.
It is the 'pata' of an existing specie of women that African men relish. 

Have an awesome week y'all!

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Ema Leecious said...

I have had a great time here today!!
I almost got into trouble with my laughter this morning in the office, thanks to you!

Toinlicious said...

Lmaoooo Kush o!!!! What in the world was that leggings lady thinking??? And burglary proof in the living room?? Like seriously? Too many sef...i just can't

Afronuts said...

@Ema! Abeg sofry laff oh! I no wan cause kasala!

@Toinlicious...hahaha...Take am easy faint on top all dem photo!

Nikkisho said...

HAhahaha..The Atm picture had me rolling..lool

Afronuts said...

@Nikkisho...I hope that didn't happen at work.

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