Woman Defends Herself From Robber By The Holy Spirit [Video]

I love watching Sony Max station on my DSTV because of some of the outrageous programmes that showcase the crazy things human beings do; either by nature of just being extreme or by reason of being daring. One of such shows is the Most Daring series which showcases videos of daring stunts or acts by various individuals.

There was this particular episode that had me in awe. It was the story of a woman who overcame an armed robber by name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Yes you heard me...that's what she did. What an awesome way for a testimony to become part of a TV show. The lady displayed her faith with a confident stance and command. Everything was captured on a CCTV camera in the store where she worked.


I can very much relate to what happened in this video because I have come across reports of similar instances that happened in Nigeria. There was a recent testimony that happened sometime this month, of a lady who was on a trip in a bus that was stopped by robbers. When they commanded everyone to come down, this lady refused and began to declare spiritually that she was a child of God and the daughter of the prophet (a powerful man of God). The robbers stopped threatening her upon this declaration. They then proceeded to rob all the other passengers and left her alone, untouched!

God never fails....and he definitely backs his word. There are other testimonies like this but I don't want to exceed this post. I'm happy to see a live one from the US. Its all a proof that the power in the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit  is real.

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Didislim said...

Yeah God never fails really. Nice one.