The 11 CopyCat Scenarios of Burna Boy's 'Rockstar' Video

I was in my office some days back discussing with one of my music producers, Timothy, about opportunities in the industry and ideas that could make real impact when the TV on the editing suit table broadcasting a music program on Silverbird Television, suddenly lit up with Burna Boy's video for the song, 'Rockstar'. Timothy as usual always kept tabs on things like this being a part of the industry. He always had some deep first hand information on the going-ons behind the scenes.

And boy did he have a sharp memory at picking things

One look at the Burna Boy video and Timothy scoffed at it and said it was a rip off of P.Diidy's 2010 Video for the song 'Bad Boys For Life'.


And so I went a searching for the facts because you know me on this blog...I x-ray every fact and make sure its valid before I blurt it out on my pages. On my search, analysis and comaprism, i had to agree with Timothy; yep it was a glaring rip off...just like the ones I blogged about way back.

Check out the visual expose of 11 sceanrios that prove Burna Boy's video was a total copycat:

The Opening scene from the Bad Boys video (above) shows us a fictional town
while the Burna Boy opening scene opens on a fictional avenue named after the artiste.
Not convinced? Continue... 

The first picture above is from the Bad Boy's video and shows this dude
cutting his garden who later removes his shades to view the visitors.
The second and third pictures from the Burna Boy video show a woman instead
cutting her garden while another guy mowing his lawn removes his glasses to view the visitors 

Bad Boy's Video above shows P.Diddy's crew getting off the bus.
Burna Boy's video below shows his crew getting off the bus too.

P.Diddy raps his lines on the rooftop of his home.
Burna Boy sings on the rooftop of his own home

Bad Boy's crew ride around town on scooters.
Burna Boy's crew ride around on more modern scooters

P.Diddy performs in a whitescreen studio with band
Burna Boy does the same.

And the neon lights speak for themselves who's who.
This is so glaring that its a copycat.

Another glaring proof...Bad boy crew wheel in a barrow with Alcohol
Burna crew does exactly the same!

The detail in copycatting is so amazing...P.Diddy above plays golf on his roof which send his ball into another compound.
Burna Boy plays a soccer ball which flies into a neighboring compound. Maybe he can't play golf...abi? 

Two runners appear in Bad Boy's video.
One runner appears in Burna's video.
Budget cuts that couldn't afford an additional runner?

Did I mention a guy mowing the lawn earlier in Burna's video?
Well, apparently, he's also a copycat of a guy mowing the lawn in the Bad Boy video above.

And those are my 11 copycat scenarios I picked out of the Burna Boy video. I may have missed some parts but here are the videos for you to take a look yourself and see what I'm talking about.

Big ups to my guy Timothy for putting me on notice about this!

Have a nice week!

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CherryWine said...

Nigerian artistes will be screaming copyright with the rest of the world but they are some of the world's worst infringers. There is an absolute lack of creativity in our music industry. These video directors get paid handsomely and they can't even be bothered to come up with their own concepts???? I guess the thought on this was it's been about a decade, no one'll remember. Timothy did! Good one Afronuts.

blogoratti said...

That was pretty obvious, your review was spot on!