Happy 100th Birthday to My Grandpa!

Yes! My one and only surviving grandpa just clocked a 100 years old on two days ago!

When my Mum called a month ago from the UK and told me to have a meet with my siblings and decide what we were gonna do for grandpa (who's also a great-grandpa to our kids - all my siblings, except the last born who isn't married yet have kids) since he was clocking 100 years, 

I was like 'Mum are you for REAL?? Grandpa is now 100?' Boy! That's a century old! And the man is as fit as a fiddle....I tap into that longevity anointing. 

Why I dey worry sef? It runs in the family - like my Dad who's seated next to Grandpa who would be clocking 70 this year and still drives himself, and moves and travels around a lot. When we walk side by side, I can't even keep up with him! Boy, I need to reduce my intake of pounded yam or something...lol.

I've not been blogging as I should thanks to many matters arising but I couldn't let this one pass by...oh I should have even posted it on Monday and today is wednesday...aaargh! Well, its the big 100 we're talking about here; even if I posted it next week its still a big deal...abi?

Happy Birthday once again and Many Happy returns to my awesome grandpa!

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fese said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandpa.

Debby 'Baro said...

Happy birthday to your grandpa!