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My blog review for the day is Ollay's blog.

‘The Parakeet’ as she’s nicknamed is true to her blog description as she plainly stated in her header;

“My blog promises to be honest, heart wrenching and a no holds barred to events in my life, that of my friends, families, acquaintances and perhaps colleagues. I am not a master of fanciful words but I could make you smile and most importantly make you think…”

I was referred to her site by someone else, either Oluwadee or someone whom I can’t remember right now.

Ollay’s blog is a what I’d call a Social Realist Blogger because her entries keep it real; she takes time to mirror or present the happenstances of our everyday society, be it in the western world or back home in Nigeria. From the entries I’ve read, I’ve seen how she discussed topics that touch issues that matter.

How else would I say it? Ollay’s blog is informative. She takes time to get into her details and carry you along. Ollay has a writer’s mien in her, no doubt about it. Her titles can be engaging enough to want you to check what its all about.

Another unmistakable fact about Ollay’s blog is that she keeps it neat enough for your eyes not to get distracted by some funny colors or images scattered all over the pages. In my years in advertising, I’ve come to know the importance of keeping layouts tidy and not too loaded with visuals that will be too busy for the eyes to enjoy scanning through. This makes Ollay’s page a pleasant read.

That’s why ‘The Parakeet’ made the list of the blogs that I view.

Good job Ollay.

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NikkiSab said...

OLLAY.....i will go see her blog n see wats up. How can i put dis so nicely but ..........I'M FIRST....I'M FIRST........HEHEHEHE!!!!

Ollay said...

Aww...Lolu I feel so flattered. Thanks for writing such a glowing review on my blog...I am humbled.

Charizard said...

Nice impressive....I like the way you dissected..the whole blog and stuff...keep this up man...

Charizard said...

Hey...uh...lolu..Can I have ur email address?

It aint bloggin's mine though...., you could mail me or sth...

La Reine said...

I checked her blog out, must say I'll be heading back.
Took me a minute to figure how you might have found my blog though...

An agege bread nylon, lol

lemme go check it out.

lolu like i said ur advice was the best i could get at this time of my life.

meanwhile advertising is an interesting sector rite? im curous to know what it entails

@nikkisaab...should i hand you a trophy? lol

@Ollay...for real girl. Your blog's good.

@Charizard...Thanks. The email is if you ever check back here.

@La Reine...its a small blogworld. I was bound to come across ur page somehow me hon. The advice was from the heart and due to the experience of a virgin woman i know

I like this blog review of yours. I will go look at the blog roll and check out other blogs you read.

Standtall said...

Hmmm Ollay's blog is sure fantastic. Nice review.

na wa o. Ollay, u pay dis dude? dis one don pass free advert level o. afronuts, r u 'dying' 4 Ollay? declare o

meanwhile, i'd seen u mentioned in other blogs & tot someone was nicknaming afrobabe (since d babe, as it's been generally agreed, is nuts. sorry babes, u know i've got ur back)