Blog Review for Today - Black James Bond

What actually attracted me to this blog was its name. ‘A Black James Bond’? I was like ‘what the heck?’ but still clicked the link to get a load of what was in store from this fellow claiming to be the negro version of one of the world’s most popular sleuths.

I didn’t regret clicking the link…at all.

Black Bond’s site got me hooked with the rich placement of colors and the powerful header visual which consisted of traditional African rendition of what a black James Bond would look like. The rich use and blend of black and bluish green spoke of a mastery that got me suspecting that black 007 is a real artist. A colleague of mine saw the site and was like, ‘Did this dude finish from Yabatech?’ (Most of the best artists in Lagos were products of Yabatech).

The artistry was evident in Black 007’s use of majorly just 3 colors alone and sticking to that scheme all through. The advantage of such a layout is that you your eyes get a pleasant view and are not confused with too many colors here and there. And I must add, it’s a neat blog, very tidy in every sense of the word, no scatterings to make you loose concentration.

And the content? Black James Bond can write! The dude is actually a cool storyteller. His entries on the series ‘Richard’s Battles’ tells it all. With fluid narration that keeps you toeing the line with him you take in every detail of the story he tells. The strong aspect of his storytelling is that it describes complex situations in a simple manner. You don’t get bored at all.

Babatunde a.k.a Black James Bond made it to my list because his site is unique- yeah, that’s the word.

Rating for Black James Bond
I’m loving it!

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Il have to check him out.

wow! thanks!!

Wish i could take credit for the header visual but that wouldnt be true and fair. A friend of mine, who i consider a great artist designed it for me. Check out his works @

Hope u will keep coming to the site. I have posted the 3rd and maybe final instalment of Richard's Battles. Let me know what u think of it.

Thanks once again

Charizard said...

Impressive review lolu....I'ma gon be looking out for these reviews...I love the conciseness and the apparent unbias of the critique...keep it comin Lolu...

I agree. The blog looks incredible and the material is top notch.

ve to check him out too

ebele said...

...ooh, then I'm gonna have to check it out.

All we need now a white Shaft :-) (remember Shaft?)