Answering to the Random Tagging

Okay, so Standtall tagged me and I promised to respond. So here are the random things about me. I actually had done it and was about to post it as Things you won’t believe about me. But it don't matter. Its the same thing. So here goes...

1. I don’t watch football.
Yeah! And when I say this most look at me in a funny way and think I’m weird just because I don’t dig what every other guy likes. Duh!
The reason is simple…as long as I gain nothing except a sore throat from screaming at players goofing on the field, then it aint worth it. What even sickens me the most is the fact that over here in Nigeria, we have people who are fans of foreign football teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea etc. but no one will claim to be a fan of our own Eyimba football club and the likes. Apart from watching Nigeria in International tournaments, I don’t watch anything else about ball.

2. I’m not ‘shooking’ till we’re married.
That’s true. I don’t believe sex is the true expression of love and besides I feel it’s wrong to even do it b4 marriage. I believe that any guy that can’t hold his zip up till he ties the knot is still a boy and not a man. Yeah, I know some of you will think I’m nuts reserving sex till marriage but know this, its only strong and determined people that can hold out like that. Besides that, I always make sure my woman and I never get into a circumstance that will make us to do it. We’ve faced temptation many times but we always find a way to fight it. To me, that’s a way of respecting my God who has laid it as a law in the Bible and a way of respecting my fiancée too.

3. I dislike huge nigerian wedding ceremonies
Yes I do with a passion! All the ‘aso ebi’ thingy and flamboyant spending and spraying of money on people. What in the world?? Ugh! I believe the wedding should be a brief ceremony with just modest celebration, not a carnival! The bigness of the wedding doesn’t determine that a marriage will last. That’s why I’ve decided not to let anybody push me into what the nature of my wedding should be. After all, the size of my wedding won’t be in my resume, will it? And the funniest thing is that after the whole thing, it’s forgotten. I can’t even stress how bad the money spraying habit is. I think huge weddings (especially when you struggle to do one that eats your pocket) are just a sorry excuse to throw a big party and ‘show dem say you sabi.’ Sorry if I’m bursting someone’s bubble.

4. I don’t believe in Visa Lottery
I just feel it’s another form of slavery. It’s what’s been responsible for taking away most of the brains from Nigeria and Africa. Bad enough, we all get to be second class citizens when we get there.
I’d rather just travel abroad for better education and come back here to explore the endless opportunities which the many Asians are seeing but Nigerians are failing to see. I’ve discovered some of the secrets to these opportunities and I’m gonna tap into it.
Visa Lottery is just awoof that will scatter belle.

5. Success is in how I’ve touched lives, not how many houses and cars I have.
It’s a common thing among Nigerians here. A man hits big money (mostly illegal) and uses cars to decorate his compound and builds houses in high brow areas with ‘prison walls’ to show the world that he has ‘arrived’. He doesn’t know he’s just displaying his low self-esteem. One of them occupying our seats of power once made a stupid comment some years back that mobile phones were not for poor people. Today, everybody, including the poor are mobile!

6.I have beef for Nollywood

The average Nigerian movie is downright predictable, stereotypical, occasionally senseless, lacking in suspense and creativity and negligent in details. Apart from classic Nigerian movies that were produced by Nigerian producers/directors with foreign exposure and expertise, I can never be found accidentally spending my money buying a Naija movie. Most of the culprits are the English movies. The Yoruba movies are not doing bad though they are still affected. The most annoying is the term ‘Nollywood’. Where did it come from? It’s nothing but a copycat! It’s just an intangible entity unlike Hollywood which is also location in itself. It’s no wonder it’s hard for original stuff to come out of the industry.

I'm tagging Ollay, Charizard, Pamela, and Archiwiz. So you guys get cracking!

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Standtall said...

Well, here goes the rule, which I didn’t follow myself cos I wasn’t tagged. You may want to put it up for your tagged friends’ guidance
The rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours – six, not more.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them – would do, hopefully they have not been tagged yet.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

On your posting:
On number 1: I will say up Liverpool and Falcon (not necessarily in that order)!!! I can live without football sha o. And my man, he no be freak.
2. Are you saying you are a virgin? How come I didn’t make you to lose it back in school (lol). I respect your decision with your fiancée. This is rare but cool. Hope you are not impotent sha o(Lmao)
3. I am with you on this totally. When hubby and I married, we kept it so simple. Just about 25 people were there. From the registry to a simple reception where they just prayed for us, pple ate and left. (I am sure you will say if the popular me with big extended family can do this, na so o). I wonder why the stress of big weddings. I hate spraying money at weddings, buying aso ebi etc
4. I will do visa lottery o. I can’t stand constant power failure in this country anymore. Lailai
5. Exactly my point
6. My take exactly. I can’t even stand their constant derogatory comments and discrimination against women

plastiQ said...

I’m not ‘shooking’ till we’re married.
Bro, you serious? Does this make you a ......? Come on, you need to be more explicit.

Honeywell said...

mehn oh mehn do i hate big weddings! ok, i don't have anything against the whole thing really, but personally, i don't see why i should have 400 people at my wedding, half of whom i don't know personally and the rest are probably there to wish me evil. I only want people who will be genuinely happy for me to be at my wedding. So i agree with you on that one.

You hate nigerian movies?? seriously?? i don't blame you, i used to hate them before.... but they are perfect for when you are trying to unwind, after all, the plots don't require a brain surgeon to decipher, hence the relaxation part... :)

as for the sex thing, BRAVO! abeg let the world say what they want to say.... the best thing a person can do is give themselves to their husband/wife, and no one else...

nice blog!

soupasexy said...

all i can say is wow wow wow.
sex b4 marriage, men u r the bestest and i totally respect u. i wish i was ur girl..heheheh

AnyaPosh said...

hmm...#2 get as e be. I dunno how you're doing it, but if it's working out for you, keep at it. This must mean you've got some mighty patient afro nuts! haha...just teasing

and then, I totally feel you on the no big wedding thingy. I don't think I'm one to rally the troops for an unnecessary show of extravagance. But it may be in my future as per family obligations...oh well.

I don't typically enjoy Nigerian films. Sometimes they're downright daft, but I guess that's what makes them so spectacular. The ability to remain consistent with the daftness. Ok, maybe now I'm hating too much. I haven't tried watching any 9ja films recently becus I haven't found the time to invest in such but who knows, maybe I may jump on that bandwagon sooner than I can say Aki & Paw-paw(sp?)!

Afronuts said...
You seem to have forgotten I was chasing ur pretty ass way back in our school days, though somebodi else already did the 'job'

@Plastiq...haba, you mean you still didn't understand what I meant? Ask Afrobabe, she'll explain. LOL.

@honeywell...well said jare.

@Soupa...Thanks. I'm trying not to blush lol

@Anyaposh....LMAO! Ur comment on Naija movies cracked me up. Good point.

Good man!
How have u been? I dont know if its me but i always find it almost impossible to leave comments on ur blog...the comment page never opens fully. Can u help?

am definitely with u on 1, 3 & 6. I mean, like totally.

i dey shook o & i see nothing wrong with it so long as it's done with respect. i've also been in sexless rships & i know dat alone ddnt guarantee dat d dude wld treat me well.

interesting list btw

La Reine said...

Lord knows what's wrong with this page right now, I can't read any other comments :(

-Its kinda weird how some of your quirks sound like stuff in my head.

no2 is precious...I did not know they still made people like you..very refershing, I heart you

Standtall said...

My pretty ass not my person gan-gan huh? Someone else did the job right?
I still want an answer on my question, a virgin or not…?

Ablackjamesbond is right; your comment window is something else.

Afronuts said...

@jamesbond..I’ll help you out. I’m doing a post on how to post on my comments page after this.

LOL @ FF Florida. I know what you mean. But I understand you’re being human. Its not an easy thing to avoid ‘shooking’. It takes serious grace…lol

@La Reine…I wont be surprised if we looked alike.

@ Zephi…man! I didn’t know there were still pple who cherished such beliefs. I heart you in return too!

@Standtall…Don’t make me reveal our secret oh! And for your info, I’m not. Accidentally lost it to a seductive housegirl back in the days.

Standtall said...

Your wahala too much o this boy. Tell the secret o. You must tell? Is there really a thing called "our secret"?

Naapali said...

I am with you on 1-3, 5&6. 4 I will discuss later.

I will watch the world cup because it displays people who usually play for money playing for something other than money.

No sex before marriage is tough but doable, it does steel one for resisting the many temptations that come after.

Small wedding, registry if possible. Can help set up the tone for the rest of your marriage. It will also piss off many of your relatives, including close ones.

I love your definition of success and already use it as my own.

The shame about Nollywood is not its predictability (most Hollywood movies are equally as predictable) but in the appalling quality. Script, artwork, camera work, editing, sound, lighting, everything about the movies is done poorly.

Regarding 4, as a direct beneficiary I cannot kick it completely. It has given me the opportunity to do things I could not do in Nigeria. It also has helped give me the resources to help people in Nigeria in ways I wouldn't have been able to.

I am completely flattered and still blushing by your review of my blog. As my buddies in school used to say, tongue-in-cheek of course, "don't praise me too much". Thanks bro!

dry humor said...

my broda, i support you wella, esp on the nollywood aspect, where sometimes the title has absolutely nothing to do with the movie and
other times, once you read the title and see the poster you know it
all!!! (Also the soundtrack gives you a headache because it just
narrates the whole story repeatedly - so much for suspense and