kush chronicles 101

Okay, I have been hearing complaints about my comment section on my blog. Most people dont know how to work it. So here's a simple tutorial on how it works. I hope y'all get it.

When you open my comments page, this is what you see. At first it looks as if all the other comments are not visible but the are actually there. What you probably don't notice is that there is a side scrollbar at the bottom which the red arrow in the visual is pointing at in the image below.

When you scroll horizontally, the other comments will appear. There is also a vertical scroll (arrowed in yellow) in case you want to scroll upwards.

If you don't see the scrollers, then your explorer is probably outdated but all the same if you click on the space and move the arrow buttons on your keyboard, the comment segment will scroll.

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Charizard said...

hahaha...nuyc tutorial! didnt need it tho!

archiwiz said...

I still don't like it! :p

Ahem, and I will respond to your tag soon. :)

Standtall said...

Yeah right, as if we dont know what to do!!!!