Timi Walks!

I stood there in the Church Auditorium, my wife with my daughter, Timi, and Tony, a friend of the family standing next to me. The Bishop was about to close the service and he usually does that with prophetic utterances.

I never take this moment for granted. It s the moment of truth; a moment for the birth of a testimony, it’s the moment God’s touch would come at full potency to act on your faith.

The Bishop began proclaiming blessings upon the congregation then in a spirit-filled moment, he asked those who had come to the church with one ailment, sickness or the other to place their hands on the afflicted part of their body.

I looked my wife, her eyes met mine and she understood and she placed her hands on little Timi’s legs.

You see…my little girl was already a year old and three months and she had not started walking. She could hold onto things around the house and walk while doing that but the moment you made her stand on her own, her little legs would begin to tremble, and she would eventually sit on the floor and resume crawling on all fours.

We were concerned about this. Most especially because other babies who were even younger than her were already walking and running about.

You could see the determination in her little face – she had a strong mind of her own, just like me, her father. She wanted to walk, but she just couldn’t do it. And you could see in her actions that she desperately wanted to move those limbs about the house. She had gained weight as she grew and was becoming quite heavy to carry for a long time. It was time she started walking.

It was time we let go and let God.

As the Bishop began to cry out prophetically, I keyed faithfully into his utterances for me (I had a slight cold) and for my daughter. Our ‘Amen’ rang out loud with each prophetic pronouncement.

When the Bishop finished, the church went into a round singing praises and thanksgiving songs. People came out to testify of their instant healings. At that time it didn’t occur to us to check out God’s touch on us. We just thanked him for performing his wonder in our lives – you see, that’s the secret of total healing. When you show appreciation to God for what he has done, he will be delighted to do more.

Later at the family home we were all relaxed with my parents discussing about family issues when my wife called my attention to Timi who was trying to walk. We took her to the end of a long corridor and made her stand on her feet. Then I called to her. She smiled and took a step, then another, and another…then she walked the whole length of the corridor.

Everybody was ecstatic. My parents sang and danced with joy, wifey was jumping up and down in awe, Tony was just grinning like a banshee in wonder.

I whipped out my camera and filmed it.

Sorry I couldn’t upload the video. My internet was acting up so I just had to upload a snapshot from the video of her walk.

I’m so ever grateful to God for this miracle. I just can’t stop thinking of the whole scene.

I still remember her as the tiny baby of yesterday. Today I'm thankful she's become a bigger and healthy little girl, and also thankful that she can WALK!

Gosh...this is definitely fatherhood blues again.

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QuTe said...

touching... guess its a classic reminder of how God fawns over us his children too... congratulations to her!

Awesome, congratulations. God never ceases to amaze us.

You said "you see, that’s the secret of total healing. When you show appreciation to God for what he has done, he will be delighted to do more". That is so true.

I pray I always remember to praise and thanks before I see the answered prayers.

She's a cutie.. :-)

Myne Whitman said...

Awww she's so cute and I thank God that your prayers have been answered.

doll said...

Praise the lord...this testimony is sealed with the blood of jesus...

jhazmyn said...

Wow...i can imagine the excitement, congrats to you all esp Timi.

Dee! said...

Congrations to Timi! The babe was just taking her time jo!

I like the fact that you keyed faithfully into the prophetic utterances. That is the power in the spoken word!

LG said...

awwwww congrats daddy timi, so she's 1 already????

Ms.O said...

Awwww! How sweet!

Jaycee said...


seye said...


Hahahahhahahhahahahha see her proud legs!!!! Now you are making me eager for my own daughter!

Big hugs to Timi

Anonymous said...

Praise God!

This is my first time on this blog and I just clicked on your link from another blog when I saw the caption. For me to read this, it tells me God is still in the business of caring for His own and that He really does sees our anxieties. Throughout today, my heart had been heavy concerning my child but I rejoice with you in this testimony and I believe God is confirming to me that He has done what we've been believing Him for regarding our child. Your testimony is permanent in the name of Jesus.

aloted said...

This post actually brought tears to my eyes (this parenthood business can make somebody soft o). I am sure you and your wifey were proud of Timi. All glory be to God!

We take these things for granted sometimes i.e a child walking, talking, hearing etc...

God is good!!!!!!

Parakeet said...

I cant believe I had tears i my eyes reading this.

So happy for you and may your joy know no bound. Amen!

Olufunke said...

This really touched me.
Thank God for miracles! small as it might be, it so so so great and exciting to know we can ask God and see the results.

Proud Dad!I can imagine how you and her mum felt!

Kool. just stopping to say hey. and I'm back.

Anonymous said...

By HIS stripes we are healed....am happy for both of you.. PRAISE GOD.strongly determined like you huh?...her mama nko?...nah she push TIMI out with determination o!...hehehehe...oh! men!...father blues?....dunno... but i know YOU LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER SO MUCH.