What happened in April?

I was in the office seated at my desk working on my laptop when my cellphone rang. I picked it up and wifey’s voice came through the speaker in a breathy voice.

‘Honey, I think you should start coming now.’

Instantly I flicked the cursor on the laptop to start button and shutdown the system. I paked my bags and left the office. On my way through the main gate I met the GMD who was just coming in. He looked at me curiously and asked where I was off to. He seemed eager to catch any staff that just left the premises anyhow.

‘I’m off to take my wife to the hospital sir. She’s going into labour sir.’

His stern countenance changed and he let me go. I called wifey on the phone again as I drove out of the car park to let her know I just left the office.

She was calm when I got home. The contractions had been coming and going and her instincts had lit up that the baby was ready to come. I helped her into the Ruffler and in minutes we had reached the hospital.

I remember when we had Timi. It was this same hospital. I had been present at her delivery but today the nurses felt I should wait in the waiting room. I was like WTH? Anyway I just decided to wait since most of the nurses where not the same set of nurses that were there during Timi’s birth.

Wifey’s labour didn’t last up to an hour. At about 2.30pm, she gave birth to a big baby boy. The cute dude weighed 3.5kg compared to his sister that weighed 2.5kg at her birth.

Two weeks later, his sister, Timi clocked two years old.

Okay, so now you know part of why I’ve been off the blog for a while. But do you know the major reason for the hiatus? I’ve been trying to get pictures of the little dude (whom we’ve named Ayomide Oluwakorede Fortune, by the way) so that I could load them on my blog. Thanks to the absence of my camera which I gave away with the hope of buying another. I would have had tons of photos to load. So while I expected the photographer at the naming to get the pics ready, why don’t I just post the entry and load the pics later? So here you are.

We had a new baby, we moved to a new apartment, wifey’s birthday (April 27th) came around followed by my birthday (May 3rd) then Timi’s birthday (May 15th). All that got me too swooped to blog.

But I’m back now. And I’m giving God all the glory – for the new home, new baby and bigger family and better things yet to come!

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seye said...


You know where to find the upload button?

I'd be waiting for the pictures. Congrats once again!

Omoregee said...

Awwww, Congratulations! Thank God for His blessings upon your family. Greater things will sure come IJN!

kitkat said...

aww congrats on the baby!..i adore little babies :)


Anonymous said...

oops! server ate my comment! *raises fist at them!*..hehehe

Yay! Halleluyah! praise GOD! I soo rejoice with you brother... congratulation on the new bundle of joy & moving to a new apartment! Welcome to the world Ayomide.. happy birthday to wifey, you & Timi... GOD INDEED EMBARRASS YOU WITH BLESSINGS :D ..take care & greetings to missus & baby.

Okeoghene said...

.....Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine within your house.
Your children like olive plants
Around your table....

Myne Whitman said...

Wow, wow and more wows, lol. Congrats to you and to your whole family, happy birthdays and all. God is faithful!

Oh WOW!! COngratulations!! And all of you have birthdays around the same time. Eagerly waiting for the pictures. God continue to bless your family :D


Pink auto said...

Congratulations on the new bundle of joy, it must be exciting! I am so looking forward to having my own some day and indeed God deserves all the glory

Must have been a crazily busy April for you bro. COngratulations on the new born baby. May He grow in stature, wisdom and favour with God and man. Like His name Fortune, He won't bring your sorrow but fortunes on every side in Jesus' name. We await the photos :)


doll said...

aw. congratulobia

A big congratulations to you!!

Why will the nurse stop you from entering? Is this not suppose to be upt to you whether you wanted to go in or not? Mscheeewing.

Congrats Baba boy! Am happy for your family. My regards to your wife and your lovely children!

jhazmyn said...

Wowww.....congrats bro...*doing the happy dance*, I love hearing this kindda news

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