Dodging My Birthday...!


I don't think I've ever done this in a long time on this blog.
Today is my BIRTHDAY.

I decided not to tell anyone at work because I didn't want to spend any money.
Don't blame me for that...A.Y. did his birthday not far back, Wifey did hers last week
and Timi is due to do hers next week...

Una want make I spend money finish till I broke?

Oh...did I blog earlier about my brother's forthcoming wedding
and the fact that Grandma decided to say 'adios!' at such a period?

The money wey person go spend God go help me oh!

Oh...I thought I had escaped telling anyone at work...
then that stupid facebook had to go remind them all!
Come see as I dey dodge...!

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Blessing said...

Happy Birthday, wish you many more!!! Sorry about ur grandma

Toinlicious said...

Happy birthday!

I totally understand tho, shoo, see spending! It's all good though. Your hand will never touch the bottom of your pockets :D

HoneyDame said...

'Hahahahaha... Happy Birthday! (in arrears now).... Poor you. I cant just imagine the financial implications of all that you just mentioned...choi! It is not easy to live in that our society o!

jhazmyn said...

LMHO!!! I no blame u jo

Happy birthday in arrears, hope u had a good day all round

doll said...

Aw.....a day after mine. Hipe you had a blast. Happy birthday in arrears.

Sorry bout granny

Afronuts said...


@Toilicious...Amen Oh! I claim it!

@Hoenydame....seriously, this our society na wah!

@jhazmyn...Shey? Thanks for undastanding the feeling

@Doll...for real? you're on the 2nd? nice. Happy birthday in arrears to you too.

Myne Whitman said...

LOL...happy birthday in arrears. Your family should just celebrate all your birthdays together :)