Photo Tales - My Colleague's 'Owambe'

This collection is actually a blast from the past. I took the pictures way back in 2009 during the burial ceremony of one of my then office colleagues. The after party was your typical owambe and had all the makings I analyzed in an earlier post

Almost all the characters in this collection are from my workplace. I initially wanted to do this as an 'Anatomy of an Owambe party 2' but I thought it should stand alone since it falls in the category of my photo tales series. After I took these shots, I pasted them on the office notice board as you see them and it made people laugh. I guess this is where I initially got the idea of the Photo Tales.

Oh...and the characters in this collection are actual characters and actual names.
Trust me to be that 

Be sure to click to see a larger version in case you can't read the words.

This was proof that Trannies exist in Nigeria too.

 Doctor 'Warwick' is actually a PHD holder who spoke a lot of BIG English

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Toinlicious said...

lmao. You are hilarious Afronnuts. That picture of Atutupoyoyo is something else. Wonder what he was telling Tope

jhazmyn said...

Oh my!!! ur colleagues would kill you if they see this, so hillarious.

The stories pictures tell though...:D