Listen to Fabian

At last!!

The wedding ceremony has passed!

The burial ceremony has been concluded!

What a relief! I'm free from all the wasn't easy but it was worth it.

I put up pictures and details maybe later.

In the meantime, I'll want to introduce this dude called Fabian.

He's been in the music industry for years and happen to have done a lot of work on commercial jingles. He's a gospel artiste with an unusual blend of RnB and Traditional sounds that are uplifting and sweetly inspiring.
While working with him, I noticed his musical prowess when it came to singing the traditional - a feat that many mainstream musicians today don't veer into anyhow.

Fabian speaks and sings in English, Yoruba and Igbo languages and he does it well. He's so good I just felt compelled to put up a post on him.

Check out his most recent song: 'My King'. I actually love this song.

 You can download the song here.

Click here to visit his facebook page and here to visit his Reverbnation page

Let me have your own opinion. What do you think about the song?

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Wear at Your Own Risk


They are intimidating.

They make women look like elegant vixens.

They add sex appeal and sometimes amusing gait to the woman’s walk.

They call them high heels.

I call them ‘Weapons of Feet Destruction’.

Now I’d like to make a distinction between moderately balanced or wedge heels and the monstrous ones that seem to be in vogue. The moderately balanced heels and wedge heels happen to be in the sane category; they are sometimes not too high and are always comfortable and safer for women to wear. They don’t put women through the calculated torture of taking extra-conscious steps.  The high heels and sometimes stiletto heels on the other hand, are the insane category that have made women switch to the ‘sufferin’ and smilin’ mode by force. I’m not even sure if I can say it’s a new trend because high heels have always been there. It just seems that shoe designers have decided to torture women further by making the heels taller and shoes curvier. 

People will call it fashion but I call it gross inhumanity to womanhood. It’s amazing how no one seems to actually realize that these extra high ‘monsters’ do more harm than good to you. All over the internet, you get to see pictures or videos of women falling due to ‘waka miscalculation’ on those nasty twosomes; that apart from the nasty aftereffects of wearing too much of it .

The price people pay to look good!

A lot of the ladies in my office are fond of wearing these monstrous heels and they do a good job of showing off in them. In fact we created a name for these chicks who love to wear these abominations (sorry if that term hurt, but truth is bitter!), we call them the ‘Office Kardashians’ – I’m not a fan of any Kardashian reality show but I’ve had a glimpse at some episodes and by this term I can understand what on earth it means.

These shoes are basically hazardous to its wearers but I guess since it’s not hazardous to their self esteem, and people prefer to ignore the former. Just last month, a lady in my office tripped on the stairs as she miscalculated her stepping in one of these abominations. She fell and sprained her ankle. For the next few weeks she had to be wearing flat heels and balm due to the pain. Thank goodness it healed before her upcoming wedding day; she would have limped to the altar.

Another lady fell just outside our office and ended up carrying a bandage on her right leg for weeks.
Then a few days ago another lady miscalculated and fell on the stairs again. She had to be taken to the hospital because she sustained injuries; one of her fingernails was uprooted and she had bad scrapes on her fine spotless legs.

Our office stairs
(where the ladies fell)

Our office floors

Another stairscase at our office
('Office Kardashians' descend this stairs everyday)

Looking at our office’s marble floors, tiles and stairs(pictured above), you’ll know they are not ‘extreme high heels friendly'. So every high heeled damsel tread at their own risk. Meanwhile the moderate heeled ones move more easily.

Then just a few days back on my way to the Bank, I passed by a private school where parents or drivers where arriving to pick their kids and there was this lady in obscene high heels trying to keep her balance on the rugged ground as she made her way through the school gates. People, especially mothers were watching her and laughing at her dilemma. I think her self esteem must have instantly plummeted.

And if what I’m saying is not enough, check out the numerous online videos like this one where these extreme heels have embarrassed theirwearers.

One of the viewers of this video made a comment that raises a good question:

‘If i ever become a fashion designer I’m going to make shoes that women can actually f**g walk in......

Are these shoes made for walking at all? I know some ladies will say the shoes should only be worn at an occasion but not worn to walk around all day. The fact still remains that the designers of these shoes are definitely heartless; the manner in which their artsy and supposedly ‘trendy’ shoes have messed up the womenfolk is alarming.

All fall down yakata!

Click on this link to see more damage causedby these orthopedic abominations.

Wifey had a couple of these monsters but she hardly wore them. Eventually she gave them out wondering how on earth other women survived in them. She stuck to her moderate or wedge heels which still brings out her sweet appeal and that's fine by me!

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Photo Tales - My Colleague's 'Owambe'

This collection is actually a blast from the past. I took the pictures way back in 2009 during the burial ceremony of one of my then office colleagues. The after party was your typical owambe and had all the makings I analyzed in an earlier post

Almost all the characters in this collection are from my workplace. I initially wanted to do this as an 'Anatomy of an Owambe party 2' but I thought it should stand alone since it falls in the category of my photo tales series. After I took these shots, I pasted them on the office notice board as you see them and it made people laugh. I guess this is where I initially got the idea of the Photo Tales.

Oh...and the characters in this collection are actual characters and actual names.
Trust me to be that 

Be sure to click to see a larger version in case you can't read the words.

This was proof that Trannies exist in Nigeria too.

 Doctor 'Warwick' is actually a PHD holder who spoke a lot of BIG English

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Dodging My Birthday...!


I don't think I've ever done this in a long time on this blog.
Today is my BIRTHDAY.

I decided not to tell anyone at work because I didn't want to spend any money.
Don't blame me for that...A.Y. did his birthday not far back, Wifey did hers last week
and Timi is due to do hers next week...

Una want make I spend money finish till I broke?

Oh...did I blog earlier about my brother's forthcoming wedding
and the fact that Grandma decided to say 'adios!' at such a period?

The money wey person go spend God go help me oh!

Oh...I thought I had escaped telling anyone at work...
then that stupid facebook had to go remind them all!
Come see as I dey dodge...!

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