Gay Mannequins?

The thought just caught my mind as our bus stood in a hold up and just opposite us we could see this local boutique with a collection of mannequins on display, modelling their wares.

Are majority of mannequins built after gay stereotypes?

I observed that most male mannequins I see around always look effeminate.

Why do they always look like that? If the faces don't look as though they wore make-up, then it's that they've got this characteristic slim long necks. The worst at times is the fact that they strike this pose that looks so gay.

I know gays have dominated the fashion industry ( I guess that and make-up is what they are best at) and influenced clothes that trend these days - like jeans that was designed never to cover every bit of your ass, allowing for sagging or exposure of the top of a man's behind. Women too have their own version which allow for exposure of nyansh cheeks or G-string.

Its like they have hatched a plan to oppress the straight sexes via fashion.

And somehow, mannequins have been designed to add abominable gay flavour to things.

I mean, I see them wearing jeans and I get discouraged from buying that outfit because it looks kind of gay.

Or is it that these kind of mannequins are the cheapest in the market than the manly ones?

Nyeergh...I don't think so.

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