Was Paul Walker Murdered?

Paul Walker's death shocked the world and was ruled out as an accident but emerging reports from investigations may suggest that there is more to it than meets the eye on the Fast And Furious star's accident tragedy.

According to a report excerpt from beforeitsnews.com, there were a number of loopholes in the report of the accident. Check out some of them below:

The Trees
Exactly what Walker’s car hit first and in what order depends on which report you believe. According to a November 30, 2013, report by CBS Los Angeles, Walker’s car “crashed into a tree and then a light pole before bursting into flames”. This report by CBS was later contradicted by Jim Torp, and apparent intelligence operative, who stated in a December 2, 2013, report that “Roger lost control of the control. They didn’t spin or anything. They went into a tree. They hit four trees and took a big light pole down. The light pole came down and the car bounced off of it. And then they crashed into a tree, that’s what eventually stopped the car”. In a pathetic attempt to explain away the massive damage to Walker’s car, it has now been alleged to have hit a total of 5 trees and 1 light pole, yet the hood of the car is remains mysteriously unscathed.

The Mysterious light pole
Knowing that the public would not buy the notion that a small tree could literally blow up a sports car, Walker’s car is alleged to have also hit a light pole. According to a December 1, 2013, report by the Huffington Post, “the Porsche [Walker] was riding in smashed into a light pole and tree” and that “the downed light pole had a speed limit sign of 45 mph”. Although the order of the objects hit by Walker’s car clearly don’t match, Jim Torp, and apparent intelligence operative, stated in a December 2, 2013, report that “They hit four trees and took a big light pole down. The light pole came down and the car bounced off of it“. In the event that Torp was actually telling the truth, the videos and photos of the crash scene would show the downed light pole, which they clearly do not. There is no pole in sight and not one witness at the crash scene made reference to one laying in the street or on the side of the road.

The Explosion
On December 2, 2013, TMZ reported that the crash that killed Paul Walker resulted in a “huge explosion and fireball that could be seen for miles” and that the blast sent a “fireball high into the sky”. The explosion depicted by TMZ does not sound at all like something ever witnessed in the suburban streets of America but rather like something witnessed in Iraq of Afghanistan. 

The Crash Video
In an apparent move to dispel the rumors that Walker was assassinated by a drone strike, TMZ released a video report on December 3, 2013, entitled “Paul Walker Crash—The Moment of Impact & Massive Inferno”. Just like the headline, the video fails to show the reported “explosion” or any sound of an explosion whatsoever. As evidenced in the silent surveillance video, the smoke from Walker’s crash scene goes from barely there to all over, instantaneously. The unnatural manner of the smoke dispersion indicates that there is likely a video edit, cut or splice at 00:18-00:19 seconds in the TMZ video or 13:00-14:00 in this YouTube video. Also, the video starts off with white smoke (indicative of burning trees and leaves) and is followed by black smoke (indicative of burining gas, oil and rubber). Obvioulsy, the car was on fire prior to the trees which also suggests that the video has been tampered with.

Mechanical Failure
In another brazen attempt to steer the public away from the notion of foul play, on December 2, 2013, a New York Post report entitled “Mechanical Failure Behind Paul Walker Crash: Report” revealed that, “The trouble-prone Porsche that “Fast & Furious” star Paul Walker was riding in when he died in a crash suffered a mechanical failure that was likely caused by a power steering fluid leak”. According to the report, sources told TMZ that they saw “evidence of a fluid burst and subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident scene.” The report went on to state that the “lack of skid marks until just before the point of impact suggests the driver didn’t have control of the speeding car’s steering”.

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In addition this, a report where Walker's Dad was interviewed revealed that Walker had badly wanted to leave the acting profession.

Could it be that Paul wanted out of the game and some powers that be just wouldn't take that? Or was he just another 'sacrifice' for some diabolic purpose? He was the major star of an awesome movie franchise that's one of a kind; the ultimate cash cow of some ambitious producers; the goose that laid the golden eggs...now that's a valuable individual and any sacrifice that must be made must have value. 

There currently circulating info suggesting that Walker was murdered in a Drone strike was quite baffling. A video analyzing the footage tried to point it out. It really did look like a Drone strike, but was it really one? After the mind-boggling truths of the 9/11 attacks, there's temptation to believe its possible. You watch the video and decide whether it really does look like a drone attack. 

So the question hangs....

Was Paul Walker murdered or sacrificed?

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