Wrecking Ball: Naija Boys Funny Remix

Those classic parodists called Naija boys have done it again. They gone and done a parody/Naija remix of Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'.

The video storyline features Naija teens who want to do 'Oyinbo' things and our Naija tradition of how our parents discipline us with beatings when we 'cross the line'. 

The hilarious video features a white Miley Cyrus look-alike who sings the funny chorus with lines like: 
They (parents) will beat you like a wrecking ball
No matter who you call, you're still gonna chop igbati.
Remember what an Igbati is?

Well if you don't then you'll have to go here and read about it. Its a specialty of most Naija Parents.
Watch the video and listen carefully to the funny lyrics.


What's your own take on the video?

Lets hear it.

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