Flashback Fridays: Can You Figure out who these famous people are? [Photos]

Here are a bunch of old school photos of prominent Nigerians.
Can you figure out who's the are?
There's a gift for the first person who gets them all.

If you are in Naija, you get a gift of free airtime from me, if you're abroad, you'll get something else...

Pix 1

Pix 2

Pix 3

Pix 4

Pix 5

Pix 6

Pix 7

Pix 8

Don't forget to name them in the order which they appear!

I'll be giving the answers in the comment section later after I've given enough time.
Good luck!

6 Screamer(s):

Didislim said...

1.Chika Ike
3.Agbani Darego
4.Linda Ikeji and Derenle
6a. Pastor Kumuyi 6b.

At least I got half...lol.

HoneyDame said...

1. Chika Ike
2. Olamide
3. Oluchi (Model)
4. Denrele & Linda Ikeji
6. Pastor Adeboye and Kumuyi
8. Teju Babyface

Atoke said...

1. Chika Ike
2. looks like basket mouth
3. Oluchi
4. Linda Ikeji and Denrele Edun
6. Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Tunde Bakare
7. Reuben Abati
8. Teju Oyelakin aka Teju Babyface

ay said...

I'm so not going to win... let me just give it a shot.

1. Chika Ike
2. (Not sure if it's a boy or a girl)
3. Oluchi
4. Denrele Edun
7. Reuben Abati
8. Teju babyface

CherryWine said...

1. Chika Ike
2. Michael Collins a.k.a. Don Jazzy
3. Oluchi Orlandi
4. Denrele Edun & Linda Ikeji
5. Bishop David Oyedepo
6a. Pastor Enoch Adeboye
6b. Pastor Tunde Bakare
7. Reuben Abati
8. Teju Baby Face

Afronuts said...

And the winner is Cherrywine!

wow...How did you manage to get it all?

Where are you located? If you're in Naija, send me your email address with the name of the network you're using.

If you're not in Naija...just mail me and I'll determine what your prize is.