Photo of the Day: Exquisite Wedding IV

Wedding invitations are now getting creative in all manner of ways like the one in this picture which I got from my brother in-law. It was for a high profile wedding which included celebrities of all sorts from Political to entertainment. Funke Akindele was the MC of the event and it was all strictly by invitation. 

The IV came in a beautiful casing like the one used to hold exquisite necklaces.The wedding was between the daughter of a former Oga of Globacom; one of Mike Adenuga's right hand men and some guy from an equally wealthy family. (Sounds like arrangee wedding).

 Na wah oh...see money in own wedding IV na pali we take do am. This one na glass!

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sykik said...

This is what is called "bekunbekun" in yoruba.....too much money

lani said...

choi ... prayer and fasting begins ... levels ...

Anonymous said...

I dont mean to sound jealous o but what exactly is the point of a glass wedding invitation? I would understand if it was an invite to a once-in-a-lifetime global event so it serves as a keepsake, but a wedding of regular people?

Afronuts said...! How come I'm not familiar with that word?

@lani...Hahaha...what has that to do the IV?

@Anonymous...seriously, I don't know too oh! I just see it as oppression by if it determines the success of the marriage.