Signs of the times 8: Weird Naija Church Banners [Photos]

 We are definitely in the end times and it is not only determined by the amount of perverted stuff going on in the entertainment industry or political arena but also by what's happening in today's churches.

In the wake of this I think it would make sense to read blogger Atilola's interesting post titled '10 signs that your church is actually a cult'. Its an eye opener for those who may not easily notice the signs. 

That's the creepy aspect. The funny aspect is the nature of crusades or services being advertised  on banners these makes one wonder if its a joke or if its for real. 

Check out these collection of banners from different local ministries.

Reader reader on my blog wall...which is the weirdest of them all?

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CherryWine said...

Chai! Afronuts will not wound me o!!!!!The one that lol slayed me was "Am Still asking, Satan what are you talking?" I can't stop laughing. It will be interesting to see who will be told 'depart from me, you worker of iniquity!' on the last day sha.

P:S- bia, where is my pressie for flash back friday? don't let me sef start my own program tagged "Afronuts! Afronuts!! Release my present NOW" for you o!

Didislim said...

Who tied d goat o??????????????!!!!!!!! #ScratchingMyHead...It wasnt me o. Wonderful themes for all these programmes...lolz. God dey

Afronuts said...! Go back to the 'Flashback friday post jor...I replied and asked you to send me your email details to my address so you can get your gift...oya, do!

@Didislim...Hahahaha! You dey scratch head? Very funny...

CherryWine said...

Just looking at this post again. Have you noticed how the pastors assume the 'thinking man' pose in most of the pictures? Is there a convention they attend where they are told that this is the most pious pose ever and anyone who doesn't do it will be ostracized? I've noticed they either have the thoughtful pose or are holding some menacing weapon. May God help us all.

Afronuts said...

@Cherrywine...that is soo true! Wow, that was so observant of you. This alone could end up generating another blog post on its own!

Sykik said... on earth....Cain must account for the blood of Abel, to who nau..... the posters sef are all south-south region dominated.