Flashback Fridays: Founding Members of PMAN & President Shagari (1982)

On today's flashback post, we showcase the picture of founding members of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria on a visit to the then President of Nigeria, Alhaji Shehu Shagari at the State House, Ribadu Road, Lagos. These were the rich crop of pioneer artistes who paved the way for different genre of Nigerian artistes today. Some are dead and some are still alive.

Standing from left to right: Unidentified artiste, Onyeka Onwenu, Christy Essien Igbokwe, Gboyega Adelaja, Sonny Okosuns, Bala Miller, King Sunny Ade, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Bobby Benson, Sir Victor Uwaifo, Kris Okotie, Commander Ebenezer Obey, Nelly Uchendu(?)
Squatting are Dan Maraya Jos, Nico Mbarga, Emma Dorgu and Tony Grey. 

lol...I know there are many readers who are unfamiliar with some of these people, especially those born in the nineties. But that does not say they can't be familiar with the likes of Onyeka Owenu, Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade and Kris Okotie who's now the Pastor of Household of God church. 

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