News Anchors & Cleavages: Has Naija's Channel's TV Anchor Joined The Trend? [Photos]

I woke up yesterday morning to prepare for work and instead of switching on my radio to get a feel of the early morning news as I usually do every morning, I decided to put on the TV instead because I wanted to be sure about the rumour spreading about Boko Haram's jail break and battle with the DSS. As usual, the ideal local station to visit at such a time for such info was Channels TV.

I flicked the remote to the the Station on my DSTV option and there was Chamberlain and the Sunrise Daily crew doing their early morning analysis of newspaper headlines. As is the custom with Channels news team, the suited look was in full effect - they were all corporately dressed for the show but then when the camera did a close up shot on the lady, I was stunned to notice that her own corporate outfit had a risque edge to it - the front part of her blouse was laced in a way that just messed with any man's imagination. No matter how corporate she intended to look, she spoilt it with a (un)deliberate show of cleavage under slits.

Its even looking like she's not wearing a bra...
I honestly wanted to listen to the discussion going on but I found myself getting distracted; I tried to fool myself into thinking I was just jumping to a hasty conclusion  and that it could be a camera glitch screwing with my eyes but reason made me understand that I was watching this on an LED screen after taking a bath (eyes all cleaned out from any sleep) so this couldn't be a glitch. I then decided to snap the picture and access it to be sure it wasn't. As you can see from the photo, that is a cleavage playing hide and seek behind naughtily styled fabric.

This shot where she turns her head sideways makes you
almost think this is a chick dressed to go clubbing.
It got me wondering - is she taking after the daring trend of news anchors in some western parts of the world? 

Anchors from different countries...with 'cowbells' all in your face.
Over the years, female news anchors in a number of countries have taken news casting to another level giving viewers the news with 'full frontal exposures' that would probably make you not pay attention to what is being said but focus on what is being 'bared'. (It's all over YouTube) I suspect that its the usual gimmick to raise ratings for the stations involved. But then, Channels is a reputable station and this is NIGERIA - dem no born you well to flash tits during news hour...well unless you're Cossy Orjiarkor who's not even a newscaster.  

Abeg Channels TV Management do something before una turn us good men into perverts!

Thank you!

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HoneyDame said...

Hian!!! Wetin u carry ur eye go do there?! Hian! It is not that risque in my opinion!

t said...

You're comparing apples and watermelons, my dear. I think you just love boobs. Go get some ;)

The Naija newsperson looks lovely. Nice and fit and stylish.