Flashback Fridays: When Dbanj Bought His First Car [Photos + Video]

Success or breakthrough is definitely something that can intoxicate one with extra surge of adrenaline induced joy. We all start from a certain place and rise if consistent to a better level. Hard work truly pays when we don't back down.

This is what we see replicated in this rare video of Naija artiste Dbanj in the earlier years of Mohits (8 years ago) when he bought his first car; dividends of his budding music career. The video was captured and blogged on by  Niyi Adekeye (Niyigiggles) of www.gigglesplus.com.

The weather is hot and Dbanj is sweating but that's not what matters at this moment.

Dbanj flexes his happiness with everybody

He crouches to clean off a scratch or dirty spot on the car.

At exactly 10:35pm on 16th November 2006, D'Banj brought home his first car, with lots of excitement and joy that knew no bounds as he could barely control himself.
Though he was driving a gulf while he was in LASU (Epe Campus) before he traveled abroad but this BMW car could be considered as what music brought.
Twelve days after the acquisition of the car, there was a press conference at planet around 2pm put together by NiyiGiggles and Peter Thomas, all in a bid to let the world share in the joy that came with the progress of Mohits and D'banj. - www.gigglesplus.com.

Watching the video, we get to see a leaner-looking Dbanj frolicking about excitedly over the new BMW he just acquired while friends, reporters, cameramen and Mohits crew (including Don Jazzy) look on. It was undoubtedly a big step in his life of ever owning a car like that; you could see how he was just flexing and showing off to his crew. A press conference was held two days later over the new car.

Well, how many artistes call a press conference today over a new car? It was a big deal back then.

Today, Dbanj has fleets of cars and is a far cry from himself in this video. The video is a treasurable archive especially as it marks the begining of things to come. 

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