Flashback Fridays: A few Steps Back in History

History is one interesting bit that makes us reflect on how things were back in the days and we compare it with what things are today. Many times it looks as though history had it better way back then than things are today (like in the pix above when it cost just N17,430 to travel to New York from Nigeria in the now defunct Nigeria Airways) but that's because we tend to reflect on what worked back then...you can't compare it with what's working today. Okay, this looks like something for another topic or post. For today, let's flashback into different tit bits of Naija's history. Special thanks to @SeeMeSeeNigeria for most of these awesome pictures

Nigeria's football history: Etim Henshaw,Nigeria's 1st National Team
Captain against B' Auckland FC in 1949, played barefooted during the UK tour

Former Presidents, Abdulsalami Abubakar
and Ibrahim Babangida as juveniles

Former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar
as a young Nigerian Customs Officer

Yes...that's Ikorodu road in 1947

Above is Ikorodu road in the '70s and below is Ikordu road today

Lagos, Circa late 1960s, with Barclays Bank, Ford,
and the Lagos Municipal Transport.

Miss World Beauty Pageant in the '60s

See Prof. Pat Utomi way back as the Director of Socials
(Students Union), University of Nigeria Nsukka in March 1976

President Jonathan (Left) as a teenager with friends in Port Harcourt
hmm...he's wearing shoes. I thought he...never mind.

Tesilimi Thunderbolt Balogun pictured here in 1955 was
the first Nigerian footballer to play with clubs in the UK
The newest stadium in Lagos is named after him.

Tinubu Square in 1960 (above) and as it is today (below)

Once again thanks to the following for these awesome photos:


Have an awesome weekend!

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