Merry Christmas....Abi?

The more I think about it, the more I realize that Christmas is actually a time to spend money so that you'll be broke...a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus which doesn't make sense because he was never born on winter...a time that serves as a good excuse to throw parties for no cogent reason but for the fact that its Christmas....a time for children celebrate Santa Clause rather than Jesus Christ...

Talking about that last one - Have you seen Naija Santa Clauses about town lately? They're so horrible. 

Whoever says putting powder (or is it calamine lotion?) 
on your face will make you look like a white man's version 
of Santa? Poor kids, Christmas nightmare

If Santa was gay, then this should be how he should look...abi?
See hips nah...and his skinny awkward legs. that powder or white paint on this one's face too?

to y'all from The Kush Chronicles

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sykik said...

Compliments of the season sir

velvet said...

Hilarious pictures..cant stop laughing...hehehehe! Compliments of the season btw

Toinlicious said...

Can i still say compliments of the season? How are you. Just checking in


LusciousRon said...

This was ridiculously funny!