Flashback Fridays: Was the Past Better Than the Present? [Photos]

And so for this week's Flashback Friday, I present a collection of pictures which make me to question if the past was better than the present. It's very easy to assume things were better in the past than they are today and that is usually because of the things we tend to focus on. In actual fact there are very many things which make today better than yesterday, its because human beings are in the habit of forgetting their blessings and remembering their worries. 

And so here are some pictures that could make one reflect - was yesterday better than today?

Asiwaju Tinubu and wife on traditional wedding day, 1987.
Tinubu looked more handsome back then compared to today shey?
His wife, Remi, is one ageless wonder...she still looks as pretty today!

I wish I could get a clearer photo of the quality of the clothes the
Nigerian Youth Service Corps members wore in those days.
Check out the quality of their caps...its a far cry from what is being
produced for Corpers today. 

Back in the 1970s billboards like these were a popular outdoor advertising medium.
Every strong brand could be found on one of these.
Today, Billboards have become digital, electronic, mechanical...
yep, they definitely got better.

This card was the Visa to free education.
Anyone who had it was entitled to free primary education
back in the days. There's no such thing today anymore

The Obasanjos look like one big happy family in this old photo taken around the 1980s
before things seemed to 'politically' fall apart. Mrs. Remi is seen 2nd from Right
and Iyabo is seen 3rd from Left.

Have an awesome pre-christmas weekend y'all!

Photos courtesy @SeeMeSeeNigeria et al

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