Nollywood Thievery [Photo]

Nollywood and their constant thievery...

Is this supposed to help this Naija  movie sell or some graphic artist was just plumb lazy and had his imagination on a stupid hiatus? I mean... look at how everything was copied from the choice of words and arrangement to the layout and people in the design. 

Just look at the striking similarities...the original is called 'Empire', the imitation says 'Kingdom'. (No be today Nollywood dey bastardize the word Kingdom sha. You fit count over a hundred Naija movies that have that word in their title).

Where the original says 'Music, Family, Power', the imitation says 'Gold, Magic, Power' which is not surprising after all many of these low grade Nollywood movies are about weird juju and some fake elite or show of exaggerated opulence.

While the original says 'The Battle Begins' which sets the suspenseful anticipatory mood, the imitation yells 'The Curse Begins'. Before nko? Did I not mention 'juju things?' (No hashtags abeg!)

The positioning of the models of the original are strategic; they are designed to make a statement - Terence Howard backing us and giving a side glance of the Boss who's having thoughts and the Lady (I forget her name) starring menacingly straight at us to indicate that she has an influence on this powerful man's decisions...

The positioning of the imitation is just lame. Van Vicker stands there in a pose that looks like he was just caught on camera asking the question, 'Shey na like this I suppose stand?' And the pix of the female who looks like a hybrid between Omotola Jalade and Genevieve Nnaji, seems like a cut out from some over-tweeted and over-hyped personal photo found online.

I just hope this poster is a fake; if it is, then this was a good joke of what Low-grade Nollywood is capable of doing and if its not, then Nollywood don fall hand big time.

By the way,,,is there really a station called ANBC? 'Cause that's where my fakery suspicion came from.

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