Olajumoke's Public Speaking: Exploitation in View?

Just as Ayo Shonaiya (if he really said it) said in the last post, it has begun!

Oljumoke Orisaguna has not lactated, but they have started milking her already!


Apparently, people are begining to milk this poor fortunate girl for their own gains because I don't understand how you are going to get a girl who was selling bread and doesn't even speak English a few months ago to do public speaking.

The even tagged her 'Motivational Speaker' on this poster. Do these guys understand what Motivational speaking entails?

I say this because I have done public speaking before and I know that its important to know how to deliver speeches that won't bore your audience.

Me suspects that she'd probably end up being used for window dressing or just a means of drawing crowd to the event.

Is Olajumoke ready for all this? All this exposure can really backfire if not controlled. Rather than put her all out on the spot, they should be thinking of helping to school her or refine her as Sujimoto planned to do for her.

Olajumoke needs prayers oh...before she falls into the wrong hands!

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