The Commandant's Ignorance Parodied [Videos]

That the Nigerian government is full of half-baked individuals in positions of leadership is not new. Though we may not know them personally but with time their mediocrity will always expose them. The greatest mistake many of such leaders make is being interviewed or captured on Television; if you know your knowledge is stunted or limited, don't expose yourself anyhow on TV.

Unfortunately, many of them never got such a memo.

We have seen the Patience Jonathan grammar dramas...we have seen the President Jonathan's electricity claims and how CNN Amanpour did a Nigerian vox populi that backfired on his claim, all this  to mention a few. But still, many still don't get the message or learn a lesson.

The most recent which occurred a few days ago was Civil Defence Corps Commandant Obafaiye Shem's disgraceful exposition of his lack of knowledge on Channel's Television. The news circulated fast over the internet, BB broadcasts spread the video link everywhere. If you never saw the video, check it below:

You'd think it would end there but no, it didn't. Trust creative Nigerians to turn it into an internet meme. Two music parodies mockng the event surfaced on Youtube. The first was titled 'My Oga At The Top' by Dj Ziggy on Amebortalk's channel. See video below:

Later, a guy called Dubie did an acoustic version with the help of his friends on his channel. It was creatively sung with Ad-libs and brief rap segments. I'm not sure if they actually planned this from the way it was done because it looked like something they just did randomly and it worked. Check out the hilarious video below:

So...I'm hoping with these view points of mine and with the above videos, I have been able to convince and not confuse our leaders 'who no too sabi' to get the memo!

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Myne Whitman said...

I kind of pity this man now the video has gone viral, but what a fumble. The first video is hilarious.

Simply mee said...


daz all!

Anonymous said...

Umm..I cannot "categorically" express how I feel about this pathetic show of shame.. My oga at the top won't find it funny at all! Shame! #okbye!

Eya Ayambem said...

I have been searching everywhere for this video, and now I can't watch because it's not opening. *sigh* I will come back and make sure I watch and laugh too. The paused laughter has been looking for this video since yesterday to enable it flow out.

ay said...

The last video is just so funny