More Gbagauns from Nollywood [Photos]

After the hiatus caused by the arrival of my latest little guy, I've decided to start this Monday with another collection of Gbagauns from Nollywood. Unlike the initial series which focused more on Yoruba movies, this collection cuts across English and indigenous languages. 
The Gbagauns happens either accidentally or just out of plain ignorance or poor literate level of the subtitle or graphics person.

And so here goes...
I may excuse the subtitler for this one because it would have been
a mouthful for his limited brain to reconstruct in proper English

At first I thought the title was a typographical error...

Then I saw the opening montage...haba!

 Stupid title with stupid gbagaun...

This movie poster made me doubt how much of the English language
I knew...'cause with A list actors like these, the producers
can't mess up the grammar, right? Wrong!

To some hardcore illiterate this would sound like one real big grammar...

Your eyes could knot up and cause you to have a headache
trying to figure out what the heck was being said here.

This unforgivable gbagaun is definitely a prelude of other grammarcides to come.

I wasn't so sure whether this was referring to the car screeching or somebody screaming!

Just one letter can make everything go wrong...

Why do they keep repeating this particular error?

Its either the subtitle person didn't know how to translate what was
being said here or the script just had stupid lines

Incoherent subtitle mumbo jumbo...warraheck are they saying?

This part didn't even need subtitling but somebody wanted to prove lexical skills and goofed.

We should use belt on the person who subtitled this!

Just one wrongly placed letter made this girl look like an illiterate on mute.

Yeah....and the subtitler created rubbish out of something...

Written as spoken by the subtitler...that's my avid suspicion.

That can't be a prayer oh...bad subtitling has turned it into a curse!

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For goodness sakes!!!!!!

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LOOOOOL... These really cracked me up!