The Alingos - Will They Stand The Test of Time?

P-Square have suddenly wowed their fans and admirers with an upcoming animation series which features twin characters of themselves.

The Alingos
The animation is titled The Alingos  which is a smart move to take the title of one of their popular tracks to another level and equally maintain an affinity with the P-Square brand. I'll give it up to P-Square, their thinking is phenomenal; they are always looking beyond being just musicians and investing in other ventures. The artwork of the animation employs the child-like look art for the characters which is a style that would appeal to the younger generation.

However, my kwanta with this animation is the fact that it explores extreme themes that have to do with superpowers, Aliens etc - elements that are more popular with western culture than with Nigerian culture. This may result in the animation being more accepted by children than by adults.

Super powers and aliens? In Naija? I no too dey sure oh.

This is not the first time the Superhero/Superpowers theme is being exploited in Naija animation. It has been explored to death by Nigerian comic artists, by brands like Indomie and they have struggled to be accepted by Nigerians. But its obvious that Nigerians don't stick to superhoero themes....this is why Nollywood dare not explore that area. Even film feature length Naija animations don't seem to be seeing the light of day.

lol...Ninja in Africa. Is a movie possible?

A lady dresses as some super  heroine
at some Naija comic convention

Indomitables...they came and fizzled out into obscurity.
Now they are back again. But for how long?

This is just too hard to fathom in the reality of Naija fantasy.

Naija movies that have even forayed into the Sci-Fi territory have bombed and ended up failures; cartoons have equally done the same. There were even attempts to turn Nigerian mythological characters into super heroes but it still never stuck. We're just too used to being REAL.

The Alingos...remember this outfit on the Psquare poster
of the song of the same name?
And with this in mind I ask....will 'The Alingos' stand the test of time? 

Only time will tell.

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