Randoms: Presido wets his pants, David Mark's Helipad, Cynthia becomes a Yoyo, Kcee & his Yellow lizard....

While giving an important speech during the launch of his re-election campaign, the President of Colombia,  Juan Manuel Santos was caught on video wetting his pants.
This amazing video showed the moment Juan Manuel Santos was giving the important speech when a wet spot suddenly began appearing in the crotch area of his beige pants.
The 62 year old, who is not known to have any disease, continued on with his speech, seemingly oblivious to his wet pants. As he continued his speech in the city of Barranquilla, the wet patch increased in size.
Santos, a liberal-conservative, is seeking to retain his position when the second largest country in South America goes to the polls in two months. He is facing competition from former Bogota Mayor Clara Lopez Obregon.
The president hopes that when voters will be going to the polls they won’t remember this embarrassing incident.
Could it be that he was sweating down below? Or what on earth would make a grown man wet his pants live while giving a speech? Could it be that the adrenaline rush of acceptance by the crowd before him sent his bladder running amok? If only his pants had been black in color hew would have gotten away with it.

Well...lets hope it doesn't affect his votes. But seriously, how does live pissing at gathering affect votes sef?


Somebody put up a photo of a mansion with a helicopter launchpad on top which was purported to belong to Senator David Mark.

If this is really true then it really says a lot about why our leaders don't have an inkling of how bad things are in Naija. This was the same man who once said mobile phones are not for everybody way back before the debut of GSM. Somebody like that would have swallowed his words on being reminded of what he said back then.

And like the poster of this photo said, how dem go take know how bad Naija roads are when they always fly instead? Even this man don go as far as having a 'garage' for helicopter. All over the social media there has been this demand '#WhereIsOurMoney?'...well I guess the answer is clear. Look at this house and the copter launch pad - there is part of our money!



Remember this popular paparazzi photo that seemed to capture Asiwaju Bola Tinubu being caught red-handed by his wife Remi, checking out Sade Okoya's boobs at Chief Rasaq Okoya's 75th birthday in 2010? Blogs trended the photo back then...

One could have just labelled it as a coincidence but when a different photo surfaced from the Okoya's recent ceremony of vow renewal between Shade and her hubby, Chief Rasaq Okoya, I couldn't help but notice another coincidence where Tinubu was standing next to Shade again and the photo looked like a sequel to the 2010 one

 Hey, its just a speculation oh! Abeg no go dey yarn outside say I talk am for here say Tinubu is cutting show with Madam Okoya!


Okay...I think its becoming clear what it takes for one to become a celebrity, especially when you're a artiste not making enough waves - Just bleach yourself yellow like yoyo and snap naked and half naked photos!

Yes now...there are proofs everywhere. Check out Cynthia Morgan - heard she's an artiste signed onto Jude Okoye's music label. By the way, Jude is Psquare's elder brother.

Cythia...as she is now and as she was then

She for no take these photos...I no see selling point here oh

If you noticed, the bleaching craze has upped its game as more celebrities are scrambling to turn 'yellow' by all means. And Madam Dencia's Whitenicious is suspect as usual. Somebody once told me that celebrities are bleaching in order to look more appealing to the camera - especially those who are actors and actresses. Too bad they've been neck deep in it before Lupita Nyong'o came along and made artificial 'yellow' folks feel stalked by their conscience.

Did Cynthia go 'yellow' for the sake of relevance? And did she go nude so as to create a selling point for herself as a brand? Haven't we seen 'em all before?

But this bleaching tinz....its not good oh! They wan make black folks become extinct?

Naija music videos are fast becoming a boring watch due to lack of creativity nowadays so I understand the attempt by Kcee (or was it by the director of the shoot?) to try and do something different from the usual.

Unfortunately, the awkward decision to put a dancing animated yellow lizard in his recent 'Hakuna Matata' video was one serious error.

Watching the whole video, I could see no relevance of the dancing creature (which resembled a cross between a Jim Henson muppet and Sid the Sloth in the Ice Age movie) being there. There was no story line or plot to the video and the song had nothing to do with a friendly reptile grooving with humans.

So what was all the animated glitch for?

To make matters worse, the yellow lizard animation looks so fake; the animation is not excellent, its more of a forced 3d job - like the ones you get in a badly produced nollywood movie with stupid CGI effects.

The best way to deduce that the yellow lizard was not necessary is simple - if we minus the lizard, do we lose anything? Can the video still stand?

Yes it can!

I know Kcee is trying to do things differently and wants to be able to shoot music videos that are family friendly (heard he said that to Clarence Peters during his 'Pull Over' video shoot) but this was not properly done. The 'Pull Over' video still beats this one hands down.

Nice try Kcee. At least you try, some other artistes no even dey think at all.


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