Signs of The Times 10 [Photos]

Illiteracy is comedy; Ignorance is a comic relief and in between hangs the ridiculous. These facts are being proven and showcased every day around us. All it takes is for you to just keep your eyes peeled and on the lookout any time you're passing through ghettos or rustic neighborhoods. Sometimes you'll even see it in the city. Check out more funny stuff in this 10th installment of Signs of The Times

Just like everybody now owns a cellphone, everyone also carries a business card
I just wonder what the job description of a 'Managing Director' of goat meat selling actually is in the case of this one...

This is a church banner? I thought it was a movie!
And that's the Pastor in marine uniform? I thought it was...ah fogerrit!

Remember that task of writing names of noise makers in Naija public and
private schools? This is how the list of a very wicked person looks like
- the ultimate amebo.

Signboards that prophesy a very dark future for people with Klepto careers.

Can you guess what's wrong with this signboard?

I spent a great deal of my childhood snacking on this type of Kulikuli.
See how person package am...this one na correct SPAM. 

Nearly lost my eyes reading this banner. Dem local government officials
were just too local to speak correct english.

LOL...I hope radiation no go kill person for inside here.
Atomic bomb spirits in action...whoa!

It must be an urban babalawo that put up this banner.
They should probe the person...he might know about okija shrine
and Ibadan house of horror.

Heu! designer T-shirt fabricated 'gbagaun-ly' by some illiterate Nigerian.

I smell 419 here...anyway, I don't drink so I don't care.

Huh? The way we Nigerians twist the English language into knots
gets alarming everyday

But you stole their letters. Abegi...

So going to National conference is an achievement?
Eh...make she add am put for her CV nah...nonsense.

Aargh! I just bit my tongue trying to read this...haba!

The books sold here must smell of fish and chicken -
that is if they sell books. And they sell frozen recharge cards too.
...WTH is that? Okay maybe I didn't read it right.

Na seminar, church service or buka service dem dey do here?
Because this titles are confusing.

Introducing toddlers to politics...that is one twisted idea if you ask me.
Wait...a head boy? In kindergarten? 

This is a very common type of signboard at any local Naija shop or joint.
Even the abokis selling sweets and cigarettes write it too.

Na only valuables? The vehicle nko?
I'm not sure this signboard was in Naija but the message is just hilarious

Maybe the owner of this gym used to be a yahoo-yahoo boy before.

Haa! See how my church members are falling my hand oh!
Wetin concern Chelsea FC with church service?

I am a celebrity...and this can never be my church!
Dem wan turn church into association and parapo!

I presume the available wives and hubbies are HIV positive abi?

Not an intended pun...not even a pun. I wonder how the writer's mouth looks
when he pronounces this lecxical abomination. this for real?
What a waste of school fees!

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome week ahead!

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