Pants Down 2

[Warning: Matured Readers Only]

Lara kissed the barrel of the handgun and burst into a fit of triumphant laughter.

Power was truly intoxicating; especially when it suddenly steps into your hands; you’d feel its ecstatic rush overwhelm you as the realization of being in absolute control dawns on you.

She looked at the man she had given her whole life to for seven years; there was nothing as exhilarating as what she had just done. 

Ben was still on his knees, eyes still wide open in ready reception of death heralded by a bullet. But he found himself drenched in water instead of blood.

Lara laughed again and fired another long squirt from her water pistol over his head. The water rained down on his like the shower of shame.

He looked at her, a shocked expression shadowed by littleness lit across his face. He exhaled gently as spasmodic relief flooded his entire being.

She stopped laughing and looked at him, a cold smile on her lips.

“I’m not heartless enough not to give you a second chance”, she said, “but I can’t promise you that the next time, the gun won’t be real; I’d probably shoot you then shoot myself. After all...,” she leaned forward, her full bust line, flaunting its smoothness, her face firm and resolute “…our vows did say ‘till death do us part, shey?”   

She stood up and straightened her dress, looked at him for almost a whole minute then to Ben’s bewilderment burst into tears.

“But you know you’re not being fair Ben…I loved you so much and you go ahead and betray me like this...after all I have sacrificed for you in seven years…” she blurted in between sobs..

If seeing Lara in a sexy outfit which amplified her endowments was enough to arouse emotions in Ben, seeing her cry like this (which was rare) was enough to burn him with intense guilt. He suddenly felt compelled to make a confession. He opened up his mouth to speak but Lara spoke before him.

“You need to know how many times I contemplated suicide…until somebody gave me the opportunity to re-invent myself like this.” She pointed out her whole look.

Ben said nothing. The thought that his wife had nearly contemplated suicide instantly numbed him.

“And I must say, ever since I did that, I’ve felt so good...the attention I’m receiving is amazing.”

Lara brought out a hankie from her purse to mop her eyes then made for the door.

Ben moved towards her but she stopped and motioned him in warning not to come near her.

He held up the red panties towards her and she hissed.

“I don’t need them. Why should I cover what you don’t appreciate?”

It was at this point that Ben realized he was somehow losing his wife. It gradually dawned on him that he actually valued her as the thought of totally losing her scared him the more. And he really liked this re-invented version of Lara.

Ben walked up to her and took her hands in his. He was overwhelmed and wanted to make things right. Everything she had done today had opened his eyes to a new perspective on their relationship. He lost his composure.

“Lara, I’m so sorry for hurting you this much. Please forgive me!” he said in a sincere mournful tone.

She looked into his face, tears brimming at the edges of her eyes, uncertainty on her face. In that sad state, he saw how beautiful she looked. He couldn’t resist her.

Before she could speak or make up her mind, he pulled her close, and planted a deep kiss on her lips. Their mouths swam passionately in each other. Something ignited within their bodies as they touched. She felt so soft and new in his arms, he found himself totally entranced. Their grip on each other tightened with heated desire and just as Ben rode his hand up her thigh almost underneath her dress, she broke the embrace.

“Idiot. You think you can straff me into forgetting your infidelity. I’m not cheap…I’m not that easy!” Lara snapped at him. She turned the lock and opened the door. She gave him one final leering look.

“When you come home, we’ll see how sorry you really are.” With that, she stepped out and slammed the door.

Ben watched the door for the next few minutes holding his breath in deep thought then exhaling in relief.

What on earth could she be planning for him at home now?

He walked about the office trying to figure out what to do next as another thought struck him.

How had Lara discovered he had been having an affair? He had always covered his tracks well and never let any knowledge of his clandestine affairs out to anyone, not even his ‘paid’ informants – the two receptionists who had alerted him before hand that Lara was headed to his office. All they did was to inform him anytime his wife was about coming into the office premises.

So how did she get to know?

The more he tried to reason it, the more he developed a headache over it.

He suddenly remembered something - his confession…Lara didn’t give him time to make it. He peeked through the window of his office and watched as she entered her SUV in the parking lot below and drive off. When the coast was clear, he walked over to his private restroom and opened it.

A young busty fair complexioned lady in grey short skirt suit tiptoed out of the restroom into the office. A scared look was all over her face; she had been a witness to the whole drama and a key culprit in the affair.

“Whew! That was intense…for a moment I thought she was going to catch us and kill you for real.” She whispered in a shaken voice.

“Yeah. But she’ll soon end up doing exactly just that if I continue with the likes of you.” Ben replied.

“Excuse me?” She said turning to look into his face in disdain, “The likes of who...what the hell are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying bye to you.”

“You’re dumping me?”

“Yeah…for my wife.”

She laughed and strutted round his table trying to assault his senses with her endowments.

“If na joke stop am. Shebi you’ve always said I’m sweeter than her…”

He laughed in return, a twinge of sarcasm echoed through his voice.  

“After what I saw today, I doubt that.”

The response caught her off-guard. She looked at him in surprise then changed the expression on her face to a sad-eyed puppy dog look – one she always used to get Ben fall for her bidding..

“But Benny, you know how much I love you…”

“You call that love? No…that wasn’t love; that was just me being stupid and you being desperate.”

The statement hit her so hard she missed a step in her strut. She starred at him wide-eyed finding it hard to believe what he just said. She simmered with envy.

“Did she screw you in this office?” she said defiantly sniffing the atmosphere.

Ben laughed.

“Must everything revolve around sex?” he asked.

“Well...with us, it did.” She replied moving closer to him and held unto his lower torso. She grinded her hips against his. He removed her hands and gently pushed her away in rebuttal.

“It’s been an experience doing the wrong thing with you, Angela. Thanks for seducing me and almost wrecking my marriage. Now get out of my office.”

“Ben! Are you okay at all? It’s Angela you’re talking to oh!”

“You say that as though we have a future together. It shows how dim-sighted you are. If na jazz you dey use, my wife has destroyed it. She holds the aces now.” Ben smiled at himself; he liked the way the words rolled out of his mouth, it felt so fresh, different and peaceful doing the right thing for once.  

“You won’t get away with this. I’ll deal with you…Nobody dumps Angela and gets away with it.” Angela said painfully as she made for the door.

“Yeah…go and sleep with another married man that has the power to fire me then!”

She gasped at his retort in astonishment, then stormed out of the office angrily.

Ben sat back in his chair with a content smile and began to count his blessings and curses.


Somewhere on the fourth floor of the building which housed the company’s security surveillance unit, Lara sat back in a chair and smiled.

She had driven off only to come around and park on the other side of the building away from Ben’s line of sight from the window where she could get to meet with Jola, the head of surveillance security, a bosom friend who had helped her plant a temporary CCTV camera in a hidden strategic position in Ben’s office because she wanted to find a way to catch him pants down.

She had just watched a live feed of what transpired between him and Angela. She smiled and wiped a lone tear. She had never heard Ben say things like that before and she felt good being praised in absentia before another woman.

Jola came into the office with a cup of tea and offered it to Lara.

“Thank you so much Jola for this total make-over. You should have seen how Ben was drooling when he saw me.”

“No need to tell me. I saw it all on the monitor. Girl, you are wicked oh! See how you turned the guy to complete mumu with those femme fatale stripper-like moves!”

“No be you teach me?”

“Eh I know...but I never taught the part about using water pistol to scare the living daylights out of the guy nah.”

“But I still owe it all to you Jola.”

“What are friends for?  I knew it would work. It’s something I always use to intrigue my husband; I just re-invent myself to look super-sexy and provocative in many creative ways and I always catch him off guard. He just can’t get enough of me.”

They both laughed.

Lara looked at a corridor shot on one of the many monitor screens. She could see Angela walking along it with files in her hand.

“So what do we do about this stupid girl that’s probably thinking of blackmailing Ben?” She asked.

Jola looked at her friend smiled.

“Shebi she wants to get an Oga to put Ben in trouble, right? Well, the Oga will have to ‘do’ her before he can grant her request...and I’ve got my plantable cameras....I don’t need to tell you the rest now”

“You go girl!” Lara chuckled excitedly and they both hi-fived.

She turned to look at the screen which showed her husband at his desk. He was looking at the picture frame that usually sat at one corner of his desk – a picture of her and the kids.

She swooned in moments of happiness. She couldn’t wait for the day to be over; she had plans to rock Ben’s world that night when he got home.

He deserved a second chance after all.

The End...Finally!

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CherryWine said...

You do well bros Afronuts!

HoneyDame said...

Wonderful! I'm going back to bed. Stipper fatale.....busty.....etc.
Jesus be a husband!

Lol very interesting. All these ones to get your husband back, husband that's supposed to be your own oh odiegwu.
I enjoyed the story!!

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