Signs of The Times 13 [Photos - Church Banners]

I know from all scriptural indications that the Almighty God has a divine sense of humor. Psalm 2:4 says 'He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh...'. Another chapter in the same book (Psalm 37:13) says 'The Lord shall laugh at him for He seeth his day is coming'

I then wonder whether the Almighty would find it funny the way some churches and ministries address his work. There are so many out there (both truly called and fakes) who are accidentally turning the seriousness of the ministry into a joke with their ridiculous signboards and banners. I don't know which ones are truly called and which ones are fake (God knows those who are His) but from the display of some of these signs, you can have an inkling on which is which.

This signboard got my head twisted as I struggled to understand what it meant...
What is a First Superet Branch?

Na who dem they call 'Crazy Mother'? Mary?
Na church be this? SMH...

Hmmm...if I swallow my problems, I wonder how my shit would look like...

Everybody coming here must have thought this is the only place you can drink
and club to make Heaven. God dey Heaven dey laugh all of una

Haba! God dey owe you money?

Another poster harassing the Almighty for money...

I don't understand this one at all creativity be this? Abi na confusion?
They even made it a N20 note...why N20? N1000 no dey there?

Hahaha...this one na herbalist abeg...

Where is the politician wey no dey use 'odechi'?
Wetin concern Jesus with political ambition?

See how they are using Jesus to do propaganda....

Next they will claim He is a spare parts dealer and not a carpenter...SMH

Ahn ahn...why did they have to put satan on the poster? Is he also ministering?
And wetin be the thing wey him swallow sef?

How will one not think this is a crusade for deliverance from body odour?

At least two things are wrong with this flier...seen 'em?

All this vomiting with bad grammar like so we go dey dey?

This na prayer abi na yeye? Wetin concern
front teeth with deliverance? church dem wan do here abi na sacrifice?

Hmmm....wetin we go talk?

It is well!

Have a lovely week!

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TheRustGeek said...

Well... The one thing we can't fault them for is their inventiveness and creativity though... The hustle continues. :)

LOOOOL!! "Break their front teeth oh lord" "Lord! where is my money" killed me.