Put Your Mouth To The Text [Photos]

I've been wondering if I should start doing a series like this which features the hilarious 'gbagauns' and messages travelling between phone chat messengers and the social media in diaspora. I guess the only challenge I might have is gathering them all at a time. I've had this collection for some time and had been wondering whether I should post them or just jettison them until I went through them this monday morning and I burst out laughing.

Oh yes...I definitely must post it. I'm not sure if I will turn it into a series; it all depends on how often I get them. If you have any, please send them to kushmond@yahoo.com. I'll credit you as the sender.

I called this 'Put your mouth to the text' because it has to do with talking with text through keypads or keyboards on either a phone or computer. Hmmm...the kind of hilarious stuff you find on Cyberspace these days sef...

Razz is the new cool but this one makes it look like a disaster

This gbagaun makes logging into an account look like
complicated algebra

I tried to picture the scenario but got screwed in the head

I hope that person wasn't a real teacher...

This came up at the time when planes were crashing all over the place

I would have excused her gbagaun if she had not emphasized it in capital letters

This was at the time Goldie passed away.
This one would be embarrassing to The Lord oh!

People would be too busy laughing at the 'gbagaun' to even think of taking the advice.

Eeh...human beings really destroy English language to this level? Chei...

With a name like that, I'm not surprised at a grammar like this...

Thats the kind of comment that gets flagged for giving readers headache

Ehn? She what?

Hahaha...See the devil of blackberry at work

Okay...so you ain't ugly but your grammar is... 

Spot the gunshot comment

This was a popular 'gbagaun' reference on twitterverse

Just pray God doesn't answer your prayer!


See falling of hand for Ekiti State Uni....

And that may have led to the end of the convo...

Her mother was her infact tales....err, wetin be that?

Gbagaun dey sleep, yanga go wake am...

Another way to break up...sell your BB with the PIN...lol

When a greedy chick meets a good guy...

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Oh my days.....this is so funny

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