Signs of the Times 12 [Photos]

We are in a period when Nigeria is going through dark moments with the Ebola palava, Naija Political gymnastics and Boko Haram spreading its onslaught like an aboki epidemic amongst other matters arising in the news. And so many of the newspapers are carrying more bad news than good. It can be depressing checking out headlines every morning so lets give ourselves some comic relief by checking out another instalment of signs of the times...hahaha! Man...I had to go through all that info just to achieve an

So let's check out our set of photos for today...

Some Nigerians are daring people sha...they must have
thought whoever put up this sign was all mouth and no action

This one is even worse...even the curse on the signboard
could not deter the craze people wey dump the trash

Naija and copy copy...Don jazzy's legacy don enter optician's portfolio

....And some cliche programme on an NTA channel.

Is this an attempt to funkify a word or somebody just no sabi spell?

Really? So Jollof rice don become like indomie noodles?

See how this Aba boys are disgracing us...

Lord...which kain Garri be this? And whenever did a satchet of
garri need drinking instructions?
Oh says it's 'sweetable'....?

See how 'H' factor dey disgrace person

The owner of this car has gained both a plus and a minus.
Plus - he gets a free condom, minus - he gets a new name -'asshole'

I don't think this shirt can beat the market of poorly produced shirts
that say shit like 'My money grows like grass'

Somebody had too much time and money on their hands.

This is not a Naija picture but I just couldn't resist putting it here...
So some people no get brain, amazing...

Smart way to pass an advertising message round;
also a smart way to get arrested for defacing the naira. this barbering saloon is so dedicated to Jesus that
'jaguda' hairstyles are not 'allow'....what the heck is a jaguda hairstyle?

Wow...Illiterates are now operating school businesses...

....And opening franchises of home teaching?

So what does a rude notice sound like?

Just reading the signboard alone should cure you instantly

See discrimination oh...Na only Igbo woman sabi cook?

Okay....I'm done for today. Sorry i couldn't get so much but i try nah shey?

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CherryWine said...

You tried. You had me laughing out loud at work. Warn yasef o...Afronuts...warn yasef or I will be forced to purchase 'supergegatee' from the Igbo woman and send it to you or get that 'habbalise' to visit you. Lol!

sykik said...

OMG, lmao...seriously government has to clamp down on these fake school and home tutors

Afronuts said...

@Cherrywine...Aabeg no vex oh! I hope oga no give you quesry for laffing.

@Sykik...that is if the so called govt is not recieving bribes to stay away!