Its a bad situation to be in and I don't wish it for anybody. It's that moment that many decided to pick suicide as an option. It takes a great deal strenght to hold on. It's one of the things that has attacked men and made them extinct. Today, the ratio of women to men is 5 to 1. Men are going out of circulation. Where is a friend when you need one? Should worries accelerate our mortality rate?

I worry...therefore I write...

I’m trying to get out
I need the breath of freedom
Where are my friends?
Nowhere at all near
Its times like this
You know who’s true
Its times like this
You see through the blue
But I gotta move on
It’s not yet time to die
‘Cause I’m living for a reason
It’s my reason to keep living

My head grows heavy
My breath is palpitated
My eyes heated in misery
The solution, nothing but a mystery
Where’s your hand O Lord?
Where did I miss it dear God?
I’m hanging on the precipice
My mind is turning blind
And I’m fighting for foresight
Holding tight to my hindsight
I’m living for a reason
It’s my reason to keep living

Been here, staying strong
Been hounded too long
I long to see the light
Reach the tunnels end where it’s bright
I need a free conscience
To let go and save my senses
Where there’s His will
There’ll be a way
That’s really why
Another thing I’ll try
‘Cause I’m living for a reason
It’s my reason to keep living

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I have often wondered what kind of personal demons would torment one's thoughts...enough to see death as an only means of escape. This was pretty good...

It's a pity I cant post my comment in all my bright color that you just love!!Lol!!

Simi Speaks said...

Love ur blog already!

Afronuts said...

thanks dramaqueen & Simi.
Im the Nu kid on the blog

Hey, welcome new kid on the blog.Nigerian censors said there's 105 men to every 101 womanooo.

It can get terribly tough, but one should never lose hope, surely there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Afrobabe said...

wow...very intense...

Your friends are there, they just don't know you need them....

Nyemoni said...

Hey newbie! I'm really liking your blog o! Welcome toblogville.....

interestin dude !
really interestin

'Yar Mama said...

Nice poem.