The world is a busy place.
Things are changing.
Mum and Dad gotta go to work.
They leave the kids with the housegirl
Or they send them to boarding school or just keep them away whichever way while they make money.
Mum and Dad hardly see their kids except on Holidays

As the kids grow, they become partial strangers from their parents
As the kids grow, they hide stuff from parents cuz they see them as people
they can't share everything with...

They learn from their peers more than from their parents cuz their parents are too
busy to have time for them.

Nyemoni asked a question, 'Where do we really draw the line'?
It looks like a tough question to answer but for every problem, I believe there's always a solution.
What a man sees or listens to or does frequently becomes part of him
what becomes part of him, he will always think of
what he thinks of, he becomes.

I believe that as a parent, one should be VERY close to their kids.
Spend quality time with them.
Become your child's best buddy and not just his Dad or Mum.
Don't be an authority figure that he or she'll just grow to fear
Be the one they'll want to share everything with.

I say this out of experience.
You know that kind of childhood where when you hear Dad's horn, you feel like going to hide?
Or everytime your parents go out you feel happier?

And the thing that actually brought you closer to them was when its time to get spanked...
And I'm not talking about being spanked with a ruler or a slap on the hand, I'm talking about being whipped with thick belts and rubber wires or shoes with nasty soles...
Some of us can relate with those moments and how it was back in the days but believe me, those are not the best ways to relate with your kids.

I said this earlier;
What a man sees or listens to or does frequently becomes part of him
what becomes part of him, he will always think of
what he thinks of, he becomes.

When your child is close to you, he or she sees, listens and does the right stuff with you.
It becomes part of them and they will always think of them.
And what you have put in them will address what they will become.
The best way is to bring them up in the fear of the Lord.

Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

I believe I can do it better where my Parents did it wrong.

What about you?

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30+ said...

Amen to that, we must definitely do better where our parents went wrong.

To much beating is not good bu neither is the absence of spanking.

pamela said...

This is so true on so many levels....


uNWrItten* said...

studies show that spanking only lowers ur child's self-esteem and brings up many issues later..good parenting requires time and patience..

nice post..

Beyond said...

great post i have to say, and i totally agree that parents have to spend more time with there kids as i know what it is like to grow up without having your parents around.

This is one of the things am praying to God to help me with when the time comes.

nice post....

Eb the Celeb said...

I'm not a parent yet... but me and my mom are very close so I feel you on this on all levels. Me and my mom were close growing up and then when I was a teenager I went threw that disobedient I know everything stage and me and her were at odds a lot of the time. As soon as I went to college we got close again, I was out of her house, able to find my own way, I knew I had her support and that she would judge me for making my own decisions. That is the reason we are so close now, she left me venture out and make my own mistakes but was right there when I needed her.

you've spoken the bitter truth. Parents should find time to spend quality time with their kids.Money aint everything.Alot of kids have gone thru all sorts of abuse because of their parents absence.

Nyemoni said...

I'll certainly do my very best...but the times are harsh o! Things have so changed...I think it's supposed to be a collective effort, for us all to look out for each other's kids....It's well....On point!

ababoypart2 said...

Great post - excellent post