I long to break out of employment and run my own outfit. I've just discovered that the place can be so trying on you in so many ways. Okay, I get to learn a number of things such as 'How not to run my own business' when the management screws up.

I also get to establish connections and build a network with people that are highly placed both in the business and entertainment world. There are some concessions that you get to enjoy such as official retreats and trainings that take place from time to time amongst other things.

But my pet peeve is with the emotional attachment that gets to grow in funny places; attachment to the job, attachment to the environment, attachment to the concessions. The one that scares the bejeebies out of me is the emotional attachment that tends to grow amongst colleagues; the one that factors the phenomenon called 'Office Romance'.

My workplace is fond of hiring dashing and attractive females.
And a number of males keep falling into their seductive traps. I don't blame the ladies,they can't help being pretty. It's the dudes that I will blame for not resisting the temptation of falling. But there are also females who enjoy the promiscuity so it’s a two sided situation.

I've seen married men go the adulterous lanes without any conscience, I've seen single guys pick ladies they just want to wham bang and thank. I've seen newly wedded ladies do 'Aristo' runs (Going on trips with yuppies or suga daddies) It all disgusts me but I've had to cope with it.

I've had a tough time keeping myself away from being pulled into this web of office scandals which runs from top to bottom management. I've had ladies who were attracted to me flirt around me in such a way that my hormones were almost raging out of control. Its always a mental war cuz I've had to refresh Biblical scriptures in my head as well as my fiancĂ©e’s image so that I stay loyal to her as well as to my God.

I became a close confidant to one of these ladies because I had mentored her when she first joined the company. Along the line, we got so close that I sensed we were about getting way too personal. I could see she had a crush on me and I had to fight off the urge to succumb into a sinful tango with her.

Believe when I say it was an emotional war, it really was. I'll probably tell the story some other time. It was really serious but I'd determined in my mind and thank God I didn’t succumb to it. We spend about 85% of our days at work every weekday and get to see these same colleagues at work. It’s no surprise that emotions get to grow. It’s been discovered that when you spend a lot of time with someone of the opposite sex, an attraction may build, even if the person isn’t cute!

You see why I feel like running my own thing? Maybe it’s not a very good excuse but man, I gotta get away from all those females before they do things to me. Boy I feel like Joseph who had to run from his seductive mistress...Men were designed to be attracted by what they see but there's a need to control it.

Proverbs 6:257

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im glad you wrote this from two perspectives. at my internship last year, I got so irritated by the married men and old men tryna talk to me. I use to mind my own business and rarely talked to people so no one could say I was being seductive or whatever. I didnt even know these people and they would be sending their secretaries to call me and what not. Infact I think I need to write a whole post on this now...

wealthyjack said...

Nice piece on corporate romance...It takes the WORD of God to avoid such temptations....It was not by chance the WORD said,"guide your heart with all delligence..."
Nice one...Check me out...

Obinwanne said... comment...but good topica nd good approach.

archiwiz said...

Interesting post. Its nice to see a man that runs away from, rather than to temptation.

And, as an aside ohh... how come your blog roll full of ladies wen do dis and dat, wat of bobos wey dey do one tin or d oda? :)

Temptation in the workplace is definitely tough. Stay true to yourself and I wish you the best.


Do you think you won’t get yourself fired if the management and staff of your office should read this? Well, good luck to you.

Seductive ladies, ehn? Didn’t you say yourself that they can’t help being beautiful? Aren’t you contradicting yourself when you now use the word “seductive”?

My man, it’s good to start one’s own business and for the right reasons. If you are running because you don’t want to be trapped into something… What do you think will happen when running your own business? If you can cope with the “seductive” ladies at work, what of the high placed beautiful ladies you will have as costumers?

Fighting temptation should be your slogan now and wherever you go? Ask yourselves questions like is it fair? Will it please my God? Will it please my soul? Am I not lowering the standard I set for myself? Does it tally with God’s purpose in my life? My dear, this will get you somewhere.

By the way, why is your office hiring just the gorgeous and beautiful ladies? For marketing purpose? God will forgive them.

Omosewa said...

LOL@wham bang thank...i likes.

Sometimes they work out, theres one cute couple on my wedding webbies list who met at work. You just never know!