The Watchers - Part Two

"Bros, shey you wear your wedding ring?" Tunde the PA asked.

"No, why?" Kenny replied.

"I for say make you take style flash your hand make those babes know say you don marry"

I burst into laughter. It didn't occur to me that Tunde had also seen the mystery women who by now had left the line beside us and were now right behind us. From our sitting position and the way in which Kenny rested on the armrest between us, he was at a better vantage point to be oogled at by the mystery women. I was hidden from their view. I wasn't even going to take any second glance. A warning inside me told me it was dangerous.

"Tunde! Haba, can't you just ignore them and face your driving?" Kenny said still keeping a straight face. He didn't even bother to check what Tunde was yapping about. He was more pre-occupied with the worship music playing on the stereo and sang along with it. That's Kenny for you, once the music gets into him, he gets into it.

"You can't blame them anyway. Afterall, you be fine guy now, which is as a result of your wife's hard work" I added.

"Na you know oh" Kenny replied.

"Its true. All these ladies that find married men attractive don't realize that it's because their wives have worked well on them that they look that good; many of them want to eat where they have not sown." I emphazied.

Kenny and Tunde burst into laughter. I had said the latter part of my statement in yoruba and it sounded so hilarious the way I rendered it.

Finally, the road was clear and Tunde hit the gas pedal. The car picked speed and we left our watchers far behind in the crowd of fellow motorists.

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pamela said...


I will add that there are two sides to every story.

What of the men nko??

darkelcee said...

1st time here.

i really dont under why ladies run after married men.
can it be the adventure or rather the danger inherent in the relationship? But whatever it is God will deliver us

Abi o. Always 2 sides to a story.

So, Lolu, nice backgorund. I love it and I want this too. Can you teach me?

archiwiz said...

Ah, ah, so you changed the blog....Hmmm... I comment my reserve oh.

4real mehn...shey na wetin dem no call awoof?

4real mehn, shey na wetin dem dey call awoof?

meanwhile you comment section is quite err err funny..maybe its my computer

Waffarian said...

Na true. Dis ya comment section get as e be.

Meanwhile,dat Kenny na better person, na im u suppose dey follow self, cos me I just dey pity you, temptation everywhere. Shuoooooooooo! for ya work oh, e dey there, now, the thing don follow you reach go-slow. Haba!

@Pamela...true. But I've told my own side to the story.No way to get theirs.

LMAO! @Waffarian Good one bros! You yarn true no be small.

@Toyin, you are always taking things too seriously shuu!

TinTin said... can someone see a married man and actually go after him!! i hear it is now the norm in with lagos girls!!! thats just terrible!!!

Smaragd said...

is it me or does one of the watchers look like JLo? just
temptation abounds everywhere my brother, the beautiful ones have been born and are now fasten ur seatbelts pls.
so when u have ur own outfit, will u hire only men or ugly babes?pray tell!
dont forget that advertising is all about appearances!
nice posts