The Watchers - Part one

I relaxed in the back seat of the Toyota corolla contemplating what the outcome of the rest of the day would turn out into. Kenny, my creative director sat next to me in the ‘owner’s corner’. Tunde, his PA was at the wheel.
The weather was humid again as it had been turning out to be in the past few days. But we could hardly feel it since the Corolla’s air-conditioning took care of everything. We were on our way home after spending four days at the Lekki Peninsular Resort where we had just concluded an official working retreat for one of our clients. We were very relieved to leave the place. Kenny had been missing his wife like crazy and I had been clamoring for a restful weekend.

We were held briefly in a small traffic around the Lekki Phase 2 axis. We waited patiently to move while Juanita Bynum belted powerful worship tunes over the car’s digital sound system.

A light brown Jeep (A Honda I think) drove up beside us in the hold up. Two dangerously cute ladies were in it. Not an unusual sight on the streets of Lagos where everybody tries to show off their rides with reckless abandon. I had taken a brief glance at the Honda and noticed the ladies - especially the one in the passenger seat next to the one driving – were looking at us. The one in the passenger seat refused to shift her gaze and I quickly shifted mine. Hiding my eye with all diligence

A thought hammered in my head. She put ‘something’ for eye?

To be continued....

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Anonymous said...

It is an inspiration and honor to still find dilligent men of God who fear the lord. I give you props bro. I love ur blog and will definately show my husband ur blog "as per se" we are both xtians and it encourages us , especially with all the things happening all over the world. Keep Strong.

archiwiz said...

LOL!!! "something" for eye? Hmmm... na wa ohh.

hmmmmmmmmm a bere (we don start again)

lol@ the "she put something for eye"....c'est possible!!