Above the Law? No Way!

Let's give it up for Governor Raji Fashola who confronted an erring military officer, a colonel for that matter who decided to take BRT lane because he wanted to escape the hold-up.

If a whole Governor can also drive through the hold-up, who are you to break the law by playing a fast one?

The hold-ups have been the aftermath of the closure of Third mainland bridge for repairs.

Boy...I wish Fashola could go for another term again. The last time we had a governor like this was when Alhaji Lateef Jakande was in power.

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I laughed hard at that pix. Honestly, no one should get away with breaking the law!

Anonymous said...

Interesting poses though, the photographer must have been very conveniently placed.Or maybe its just the cynic in me.Kudos to Fashola, he's certainly getting some things right.