So they're arresting Pastors now?

The last thing I ever expected to hear on the news is another senseless violation of human rights.
Whenever did the government start censoring Pastors from making certain pronouncements on the pulpit?
I thought we were past dictatorial eras and were now beginning to exercise a bit of sense in the way we go about things in this country now.

Pastor Bakare

Why did the Nigeria's Secret Police (SSS) have to summon Pastor Tunde Bakare (Latter Rain Assembly) over a Sunday Sermon in which he asked the President to resign? Na the first time person dey ask am to resign? What is so wrong in that? Then they go ahead and tell him not to preach such sermons again. Haba! So we should stop recieving wake up calls again? People have lost faith in GEJ and will glady recieve his resignation so what's all the fuss about? So whom dem go pursue next? Bishop Oyedepo? (Because I know he has also 'advised' the government a number of times).

Unless, there's another story to it, our government is beginning to look so insecure.Wetin dem dey hide? Somebody better own up before the shit hits the fan in multiple bouts!

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@ilola said...

Na wa ooo. This GEJ regime is seeming like its gonna be the worst dispensation we have ever had in Nigeria.