Overdone Swagg?

If you’re a frequent viewer of STV (Silverbird Television), you’ll probably have come across this program called Billboard Nigeria which airs sometime in the afternoon. I usually get to see the show as a matter of circumstance while monitoring the airing of our productions so it’s not as if I stay tuned to watch it.

The show is hosted by a female anchor called Bisola. The chick is amusing to watch; she’s got this funny way of literarily dancing while talking, like she’s showing off; it’s actually meant to be a swag or a cool attitude but it’s usually so overdone that you wonder whether she’s trying to ‘oppress’ the viewers  instead of presenting music on the charts.

I initially thought I was the one seeing this excessive swag bragging, until another colleague of mine pointed her out as having this funny mannerism on the show. Abeg Bisola, no break ya bones with all those moves oh! Swag no be by force….lol!

Please don't get me wrong oh, I'm not saying she's a bad presenter (In fact she flows nicely), its just that watching her talk and shake like that can make people like us ask the question; 'Who you dey do yanga for?'

I caught some of it on video here.

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'Lara said...

Nigerian presenters like over doing things...if it is not the by force mama charlie accent, it is sha something else.

blackrubies said...

HAHHAHAHAHAHHA! That's so funny, this isnt swag anymore it is first class yanga