Too much Pancake in 'De Market Place'

There's a program that airs on Silverbird Television on Fridays called 'De Market Place'. It's an informative program which brings viewers up to speed with whats happening in the business world. I remember last week's episode featured a highlight on a particular outfit that specialized in wicker baskets and products. Ladies in my office who saw this program were interested in locating the outfit. It's a nice program that has a place being on air...however, my reason for posting this is because of the program's anchor called 'Ify'.

Ify is a very fair complexioned lady as you can see from the pictures which I hastily snapped from today's episode. Looking at the picture, you can see how bad her make-up is on screen. It looks as if she was 'over-pancaked' or just rubbed her face in dust before going on air. The make-up artiste did a very bad job and made a fine yellow sisi look like an over-bleached freak. Okay, let me not blame the make-up artiste alone...the lighting on set could equally have contributed. So let me blame the producers. Nobody should give the excuse that she's not photogenic oh. Not with the editing paraphernalia of video editing software that's available now.

I can't help but rant since its part of what I do in my line of work. 

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